As soon as the first Olympic events begin in a month's time, we will be assaulted by data of every kind - results, medal tables, venue details; and that's without the statistics-based stories we will see on transport chaos, terror threats, logistical challenges and tourism.

It's a feast of numbers, but where can you get the key facts?

Olympics data: all our statistics, data journalism and visualisations in one place- Top Financial
Olympic medals interactive guide. Click image to explore it

We wanted to provide one place to explore and discuss the key facts around the big issues. And we've extracted those datasets for you from top sources: including the International Olympics Committee.

Here you will find the key data - plus great visualisations from the Guardian's graphics team. And, this year, top graphics agency Graphic News have allowed us to share their graphics of the event, which cover every sport and every possible issue.

You can find guides to track and field events, water sports and ball games - plus their enviable set on the logistics of the Olympics.

When the results come in - we will have those in a format you can use, too.

It's just a start - and we will be adding to it every day. What else would you like to see? Let us know in the comments below or email us at [email protected]

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