Luxury perfumes such as Calvin Klein's Eternity and Cartier's Le Baiser du Dragon contain potentially hazardous synthetic chemicals, Greenpeace alleged yesterday.

In a report, "Eau de Toxines", the environmental campaigning group claimed that wearing perfume exposes people to chemicals that can enter the body and may cause unwanted side-effects.

Tests on 36 well-known perfumes showed that virtually all contained phthalates and synthetic musks, both of which are potentially harmful but not covered by current legislation.

Helen Perivier, international toxics campaigner, said: "We want to show our love on Valentine's Day, not expose our partner to hazardous chemicals."

According to Greenpeace, the phthalate DEP, found in Eternity and Jean-Paul Gaultier's Le Male, rapidly penetrates the skin and is distributed around the body where it could affect the lungs and sperm in men.

It says musks, such as in Le Baiser du Dragon and Body Shop White Musk, can interfere with the hormones of fish and animals.



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