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Results for Tag "youth"

Despite their reputation as alt.rock's grandparents, Sonic Youth have made as many bad albums as good.

It is not quite a lie as he does man the reading room every weekday evening.He has a best friend Paul, also a mathematician, who is having an affair with an older woman named Elinor.

The next question is whether 'Static in the Attic' is a monologue or a dialogue, being a conversation between the right and left hemispheres of one man's brain.The man is Peter Blegvad, the programme is The Verb (Radio 3) and to call it the most original new series I've heard for years is to sell it short.

I had an idea of how we needed to develop the character and how he would think and act.Do you think youth keep a more open mind about the future technologies presented in A.

What is the point of Christopher Terrill's Through the Eyes of the Young (BBC1)?In amongst song lyrics and poetry read by Mel C, we met some young people who, to my surprise but relief, included a 27-year-old.

• Cher (pictured) is set to star in a film based on the life of a real-life Hungarian countess who bathed in virgins' blood to stay young.If the project comes off, it will be the most expensive Czech film ever made with production costs estimated at over $6m (£4.

It's about time they did something about the footage of the flatmates in the fountain during the titles of Friends (Channel 4).(But I don't suppose they'd lower themselves to getting wet like that now without a significant pay rise).

I know it's now fashionable to do stage work, but that's not why I want to do this," says Fitzgerald.I do have a fear of being cursed, genetically; that I might have the same chemical imbalance that caused my father's depression.

Think "training" and you think "young people".We need young people around the place and not just because they look nicer than old people.