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Results for Tag "wisdom"

Jerry Brotton's bookJerry Brotton's The Sale of the Late King's Goods has made a bigger splash than most art history books, generating controversy as well as getting shortlisted for the Samuel Johnson Prize.Everyone knows the cavaliers were stylish aristos and the Roundheads were art-hating, church-trashing Puritans - weren't they?

Yet the Baftas haven't always presented the most accurate picture of the state of British television.Last year's only indisputable mainstream sitcom hit, John Sullivan's The Green Green Grass wasn't even nominated.

Even without the benefit of a scratchy string instrument, Sir Norman managed to make lots of music - the funny kind, of course - and you can still buy original 78rpm recordings of his songs for not much money on eBay.His hits included Don't Laugh at Me (Cause I'm a Fool), recorded in 1954, and The Wisdom Of a Fool (1957).

I've chosen to be poor and enjoy it, while spending my time with the rich.More generally, Chamfort's supposedly universal conclusions refer only to the highest ranks of a society now long dead.

Born Tracy Marrow in New Jersey in 1958 ("a real 'Boy Named Sue' situation," he has said./I'm 'bout to kill me somethin'/A pig stopped me for nuthin'!

Dalai I've forgotten how to pee.Mary, Devon Very thoughtful of the Guardian to provide pencil and paper in the toilets to help the constipated work it out.

With that in mind, his fate - suited, slumped, a perspiring blancmange on late-night chat shows - seems less sepulchral.He was the 'funniest man who ever drew breath,' said Stephen Fry.

In the cast list his character, as it is in many of his films, is referred to only as 'Norman'.Whether he was playing 'Norman Puckle', 'Norman Pitkin', or just plain 'Norman', his films, while raising laughs with audiences at the time, almost always failed to raise ideas.

Instead, what we have here are the big results from last night's Golden Globes awards, a kind of Oscar precursor that invariably establishes the candidates who will be walking away with Academy statuettes come the end of March.Despite tossing in an extra best actor Oscar for Kevin Spacey, the subsequent Oscar ceremony merely rubber-stamped the globes' decision.

They just transported you from the mundane, miserable little existence that you had into a sphere of angelic purity.I don't work without him.

Hollywood supremo Steven Spielberg is today to present a virtual masterclass for British media students in a live link-up via the internet.Fifty final-year students from Liverpool John Moores University's (JMU) School of Media will be discussing the director's current projects and the future of new media.

A disembodied voice this time, tasting of hard- living, nicotine and wisdom, half-rapping to me over a funky strut and an epic, crashing backdrop redolent of Neil Young's The Loner: "Those who dwell on disaster, let sorrow be their master.A song "spoke to me" and changed the course of my life.