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Results for Tag "watchdog"

The head of the city watchdog today sought to reassure businesses that it would not be looking for high-profile "scalps" when it gets its teeth at midnight.But Sir Howard told financial broadcaster Cantos that the regulator would not be measuring its achievements in terms of high-profile cases.

City watchdog the financial services authority has promised to be a "pro-active regulator" when it finally gets its teeth at midnight tonight.The "new" FSA will take over regulatory responsibility for everything from investment banks to building societies and friendly societies, and it will also have the power to impose unlimited fines, as well as name and shame directors and firms.

The Consumers' Association (CA) today made its first "supercomplaint" to the Office of Fair Trading, urging them to investigate private dentistry in the UK.Allan Asher, of the Consumers' Association, said: "There are serious problems in the market for dentistry services.

One of the business growth stories of the last few years has been in offering 'management' services to help people struggling with multiple loans on credit cards, store cards and personal loans.But short of having criminal convictions, virtually anyone can obtain a consumer credit licence, the only type of regulation that applies to debt managers.

In the year ending March 31 it received 9,300 mortgage endowment complaints, compared with 3,000 in the previous year.The FSA this week issued a revised copy of its factsheet, Endowment Mortgage Complaints, available free on 0845 606 1234.

More than 100,000 policyholders could be on their way to compensation payments from pensions scandal No 2 - the first was personal pensions- according to figures released this week by the watchdog, the Financial Services Authority.Some employers also added cash of their own to match workforce contributions - FSAVC holders lost out on these as well.

It is hard to escape the con clusion that the regulator's starting point was to seek a solution that would let the industry off the hook.It is true, as the watchdog says, that a forecast shortfall on an endowment is not necessarily a case for claiming mis-selling.

I've got into internet banking too, but it does take quite a long time.But I'm not that brilliant at the moment.

The Observer knows this because one of our journalists, then a trainee, obtained a licence with few questions asked.That was nearly three years ago but there has been no improvement since in the system for policing credit brokers.

Looking for the right financial product?Independent financial advisers were quick to dismiss the FSA scheme as "just another source of information" which will not reduce the need for financial advice.

The adult pay-TV channel used images of four women – with two dressed as a policeman and Playboy bunny – on a lorry next to the line "re-tune your Freeview box to get us!The Advertising Standards Authority received a complaint that the images were too sexual to be displayed on a lorry.

Newly released documents prove that Barack Obama's administration gave enthusiastic help to the Oscar-winning team behind a new film about the killing of Osama bin Laden, according to a rightwing US government watchdog.The project drew flak from Republicans earlier this year after it emerged that Obama's administration shared information with the production team.

But now it seems that Asterix the Gaul is just too much of a "Gaul" for modern, multicultural France.The belligerent hero is in a scrape over a new project illustrating the text of the UN charter for children's rights.

A poster for 50 Cent's soundtrack for his new film Get Rich Or Die Tryin', showing the rapper holding a gun and a baby, was criticised by the industry watchdog today for glamorising gun crime.It showed 50 Cent's naked tattooed back with a gun tucked into his jeans.

The Paris literary scene was shaken yesterday when the government's anti-corruption watchdog warned that France's most prestigious book prizes were wide open to corruption.In its 2004 report, the SCPA, part of the justice ministry, said it was "difficult to distinguish between jury members, who are generally the authors of literary works, and the houses which publish their books.

Ofcom is investigating complaints about a mock burglary at the home of the programming head of Emap's rock radio station Kerrang!The media watchdog has received two complaints about a February 10 show in which Kerrang!

International media watchdog Reporters Without Borders has protested at what it calls the "persistent harassment" of Arab satellite news channel al-Jazeera.And it has called on the Iraqi government to reverse the August 2004 decision made by the interim leadership to shut down al-Jazeera's Baghdad office.

The government's design agency, the Commission for Architecture and the Built Environment, has appointed a new chief executive and approved a new three-year strategy to focus its efforts on "transforming neighbourhoods".His appointment coincides with a new corporate strategy for Cabe, which says the organisation needs to "focus on fewer priorities".

America's corporate watchdog has launched an investigation into the way studios use excerpts of critics' reviews to promote their films, reviving memories of the furore that flared up last year when Sony executives fabricated reviews in order to boost ticket sales.Under Federal Trade Commission rules an advertiser which uses part of a review to endorse its film must use the quote in context and is forbidden from misleading viewers.

The advertising standards authority is to investigate complaints that a pioneering voicemail advert for Minority Report is "inappropriate and offensive.Recipients are treated to the sound of star Tom Cruise breathlessly demanding: "Where is my Minority Report?