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But within minutes of the ship setting sail, to the horror of the tens of thousands of onlookers gathered on Stockholm's beaches, it began heeling dangerously.In the rush to launch the vessel during Sweden's war with Poland, early indications that it might be fatally unstable were ignored.

The largest Viking warship ever found, it was discovered by chance in 1996 at Roskilde.The ship would probably not have come alone.

Captain Kirk's futuristic-looking ship sports cutting-edge technology, new propulsion and powerful armaments – but it isn't the Starship Enterprise.Its unusual wave-piercing hull will reduce the ship's wake.

AdvertisementContinue reading the main storyTo emphasize its rights to Fiery Cross Reef, the vice chairman of China’s Central Military Commission, Gen.Lawrence “exercised right of innocent passage” as it transited within 12 miles of Fiery Cross Reef.

Facebook Twitter Pinterest Sea Hunter in Portland, Oregon.” For Pentagon planners such as Work, the Sea Hunter fits into a strategy to incorporate unmanned drones – with increasing autonomy – into the conventional military in the air, on land and at sea.

Now, under the heading 'defend your own country', you can find a 4,800-ton Royal Navy warship described as 'little used' and in 'excellent condition'.Other military wares for sale include a Soviet MiG 17f bomber with a maximum speed of 710 mph.

The commander of a US warship has been reported to aviation authorities after a British airline claimed he ordered one of its planes from its scheduled route.The incident happened on Tuesday when a Highland Airways Jetstream was flying between the Hebridean islands of Lewis and Benbecula.

A Royal Navy salvage team, hampered by bad weather, is completing the welding of sections of the bow which were badly damaged.It was still not clear how badly the ship was damaged - or whether it would return to sea.

HMS Nottingham, the Royal Navy's striken destroyer, arrived yesterday at the Australian port of Newcastle in the first stage of its long journey home.The Nottingham's ammunition and stores will be taken ashore before the full extent of the damage to her bow is investigated.

A wreck believed to be a 17th century British warship holding sunken treasure is to be excavated by a US firm, the Ministry of Defence confirmed last night.The Americans would get 80% of the first £28m, anything more than that up to £319m would be shared equally - anything more than this and Odyssey would get 40%.

The bridge of HMS Cardiff is in darkness but is bustling with activity as the ship sits just seven miles from Iraq.The marines are looking for oil or dates (pound for pound worth more than oil) which are both illegal cargoes.

The captain of a warship who was accused of bullying and harassment was yesterday permanently removed from the command of his vessel after an investigation found his leadership fell "significantly short of the exemplary standards the Royal Navy requires of its commanding officers".Commander David Axon was ordered off HMS Somerset while the vessel was in Gibraltar and told to return home to face an inquiry after complaints by two junior officers.

The well-preserved wreck of a late 17th-century warship, recently discovered by divers in Pevensey Bay, East Sussex, has been given official protection by the government.The wreck is believed to be the 70-gun Resolution, built in Harwich in 1665 and sunk in the Great Storm of 1703, which destroyed hundreds of ships and killed thousands.

The morale among the ship's crew is very good and they were itching to help out.US officials said the evacuation would be proceeding at a pace of 1,000 Americans a day by the end of the week.

Britain is to lead an armada of EU warships to the Gulf of Aden next month to tackle the escalating problem of piracy, in a mission expected to last 12 months.The naval fleet, under UK command, would "disrupt and tackle the scourge of piracy", foreign secretary David Miliband said yesterday on a visit to Beirut.

A decommissioned French warship built with 700 tonnes of asbestos-­contaminated material was tugged into the mouth of the river Tees to be broken up today amid fears for the health of Hartlepool residents.The 51-year-old vessel, now known as Q790, is considered so toxic it has already been turned away from shipyards in India, Turkey and Greece.

The US navy has decided not to send a warship on a planned humanitarian mission to the Pacific Ocean after one crew member developed swine flu and 49 others developed symptoms.A 33-year-old school teacher who had recently given birth to a healthy baby was the first US resident to die of swine flu, Texan officials said today.