Results for Tag "wannabe"

Results for Tag "wannabe"

"Developers, developers, developers." People laughed at his gyrations but Microsoft's Steve Ballmer was right on the button with his famous proclamation in 2001.

The truth is that Hillary Clinton spent the first two-thirds of her acceptance speech applying a sledgehammer to every applause line on the prompter.But then something turned inside the Democratic nominee: she found her foil, and his name is Donald Trump.

Mostly, the 100 hopefuls say that they’ve always found space fascinating, and would like to do something truly extraordinary with their lives.Lots of people work in space technology, around the world, collaboratively, and they do rewarding, fascinating, useful work.

Especially since it is traditionally held that you need to learn a new language before the age of 24.But to students who are embarking on a course at Birkbeck this autumn, what I say is – be grateful!

The Spice Girls reunion tour.Image: Rex Features Gordon Brown may be going through a rough patch, but according to Ed Balls he just needs to harness some girl power to pull through.

Today law firms seem to have figured out a way to spend less money on their young recruits.Last week a company called Acculaw – founded by a former lawyer and backed by several senior figures within the profession – launched a new cut-price lawyers' training model.

“Before there was Batman, there was Gotham” isn’t the most inviting promo for a TV show.It was awful, like a prequel to the Terminator franchise that followed the adventures of a calculator that aspires to kill people.

Studio Paramount announced earlier this month that the film will be a US-Chinese co-production, a nod to the franchise's huge popularity in China.Recent instalment Transformers: Dark of the Moon stands as the fourth-highest-grossing film ever in China with a haul of $165m (£108m) in 2011.

Victoria Beckham once harboured ambitions of becoming a musical theatre actor, according to the producer of the new Spice Girls musical Viva Forever!In a recent interview with Style Magazine, Judy Craymer revealed that the singer and designer repeatedly visited another of her productions, the musical Mamma Mia!

The novelty of red carpets has not yet worn off, and he's got no complaints about living in Berlin with a film-star girlfriend - Riley's Control co-star Alexandra Maria Lara.In mid-2005, when open auditions began for Control, Riley was trying to shake himself out of a rut.

If we weren't, we wouldn't have become novelists in the first place.Last week, I chaired a discussion at the Guardian Newsroom called Writing by Numbers: can creative writing be taught.