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The Enclave's timing was, ironically, perfect.In January, Buick flipped us the keys to an Enclave Avenir, and I spent a week driving it around its natural stomping grounds: the suburbs of New Jersey.

54 billion because its hepatitis C drugs Sovaldi and Harvoni infringed a patent held by rival Merck & Co Inc.District Judge Leonard Stark in Wilmington, Delaware, on Friday ruled Merck's patent was invalid.

urged a judge to throw out a stunning $8 billion jury verdict over a mismanaged inheritance, saying the family deserves nothing.More from Bloomberg.

Here's a look at how the judge parsed those arguments in his ruling :___DID THE OFFICER PLANT THE GUN?Prosecutors argued the presence of Stockley's DNA — and absence of Smith's DNA — on the gun proved the gun must have been planted by the officer.

I've just come out of a three-hour deliberation - to select the winner of the Turner Prize.In the end, predilections are informed by a complex of factors, most of them not amenable to glib verbalisation.

Standing in Tate Modern, Millbank might as well be as far upstream as Berkshire.Landscape becomes Landscape/Matter/Environment, the figure is now Nude/Action/Body, and still life is Still Life/Object/Real Life.

The jury in the Winona Ryder shoplifting case has retired to consider its verdict.The six-day trial, during which Ms Ryder did not take to the stand, has finished with closing arguments from both sides and now awaits a verdict.

In fact the only person missing from the celebration of thanks for Michael Jackson's acquittal was Michael Jackson.But there was no sign of the pop star himself, who has not been seen in public since his 14-week trial ended last Monday.

Like spacetime itself, Stephen Hawking seemed to appear from nowhere and expand rapidly to fill the publishing universe.The second is a widespread but as yet not convincingly confirmed proposition that if one science book on an inexplicable topic can become a worldwide bestseller, then surely others can.

However, last August, Ms Bakley's four children initiated a wrongful death suit against him.During this trial, Mr Blake, the star of In Cold Blood and the Baretta TV series, restated his innocence.

On Friday, Mr Blake appeared pale and stunned as the verdict was read out at the Los Angeles superior court.5m) to the Bakley children, including his own daughter, five-year-old Rosie.

The sudden death of actor Chris Penn was accidental, coroners confirmed yesterday.The 40-year-old actor, younger brother of Sean Penn, was found dead at his Santa Monica home last month.

The show received a lot of coverage before its broadcast - most of it negative - while the reviewers this morning were pretty mixed in their response to it.The most widely used headline (and the most obvious to boot) was "the jury's still out.

This is one of the reasons The Verdict, with its celebrity jury, is meaningless rubbish that could potentially do a lot of harm.The Verdict turns rape into entertainment.

Trial by television: the jury of The Verdict.The Verdict was not quite as painful on day two, as we saw far less of the jury, and more of the evidence and questioning in court.

I really did want The Verdict to finish even slightly redeemed.The case hinged on a scenario that, had police investigated it in real life, would probably not have got past the CPS.

All our hopes for a monumental British renaissance in Hollywood now feel like one great big Millennium Dome of a letdown.Judi Dench and Kate Winslet, who each gave perfectly winnable performances, had to step aside and make sure they didn't step on the ermine.

If it was a straightforward documentary it failed by virtue of its stultifyingly dull subject matter - Posh visits some houses, Posh watches her PA make an apple pie, Posh buys David a watch, viewer puts bullet through brain.In earlier documentaries, Posh showed every sign of being bright, sparky, funny and self-deprecating.

Had he been found guilty of second degree murder, Spector would have faced spending the rest of his life in prison.Her body was found in the entrance hall of Spector's Los Angeles mansion in the early hours of February 3.