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Results for Tag "values"

Inside our Punjabi household the atmosphere was one of familiarity and solidity, but outside the house things sometimes felt threatening.I have vivid memories of my parents and all their friends talking about a certain speech that Enoch Powell made.

In some of the most extreme comments by a senior regime figure since the 1979 revolution, Khamenei said: "Although music is halal, promoting and teaching it is not compatible with the highest values of the sacred regime of the Islamic Republic.Unlike other clerics in Iran, whose religious rulings are practised by their own followers, Khamenei's views are interpreted as administrative orders for the whole country, which must be obeyed by the government.

Just a year after her memoir hit the shelves, Sarah Palin is to release her new book - a paean to American values - this autumn, her publisher announced yesterday.The former Republican vice presidential candidate will include in the book "readings that have moved her", from literature and poetry to speeches, sermons, letters, biography "and even some of her favourite songs and movies".

My mother converted to Catholicism to marry my father.My father was a diplomat and he saw so little of us that my mother always insisted on his being there for every summer holiday.

If you want some edgy comedy – of course you do – I would like to recommend someone.She's called Ava Vidal, the show Remember, Remember the Fourth of November, and it's on at the Stand IV at 3.

Coldplay's Chris Martin penned their smash Fix You after listening to Elbow's song Grace Under Pressure.When Velvet Underground legend John Cale selected Elbow's Switching Off among his desert island discs Garvey declared it "probably the greatest moment" of his life.

The culture minister, Margaret Hodge, will today criticise the Prom concerts as one of many British cultural events that fail to engender new common values or attract more than a narrow unrepresentative audience.She will make her remarks in a broad-ranging speech that examines the role culture should play in developing a stronger sense of shared British cultural identity.

A Turkish prosecutor is considering whether to prosecute the Turkish publisher of Richard Dawkins' bestselling atheist polemic, The God Delusion, on the grounds that it incites religious hatred.The book has sold some 6,000 copies in Turkey since it was published by his Kuzey publishing house in June.

Tristram Hunt's Building Jerusalem was summarised by David Kynaston in the Financial Times as "the story of how the Victorian middle classes constructed a series of healthy, thriving, even beautiful cities, before their 20th-century successors wantonly allowed that heritage to be squandered".This raised a troubling question for Frances Spalding in the Independent: "How.

This is not the first time that Gérard and Guillaume Depardieu have fallen out, but it looks increasingly like it may be the last.Pialat's Le Garçu of 1995 is widely held to be Gérard's finest recent performance.

This story is best read while listening to a soulful cornet solo and drinking Tetley's bitter in the rain.It is a reminder that northern values such as honour and responsibility remain strong at a time of millennial doubt.

I wasn't stupid.Well, that wasn't strictly true.

Bussell's fairy godmother shows her love fulfilled, sending her back home with the best of Christmas presents.The Royal Ballet's production (by Peter Wright) is Utopian, presenting Victorian family life in Act One as blissfully as the Kingdom of the Sweets.

She published her diaries and, as a grieving widow, presided over the marketing of Albert's image, smiling on the trade in wistful mementoes.Pseudo-feudal ceremonies were hurriedly improvised to conceal the ravaging of Tennyson's 'old order'.