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View photosTim CookApple is reportedly focusing the next version of iOS, the iPhone software, on performance.This is great news for iPhone owners, who have increasingly been noticing bugs and glitches in Apple's software.

Changes to news feed and fewer viral videos in the last quarter reduced collective time on its platform Updated Jan.’s dominance in digital advertising powered another surge in quarterly profit, though it said users were starting to shave back their time on its platform as it tries to address critics claims that the social network has harmful effects.

From Tim Cook's point of view, Apple customers shouldn't really have been surprised that the company was slowing down iPhones with older batteries, because the company had already told them it was doing so.Although Cook said Apple had been transparent, he apologized if anyone thought the company had ulterior motives for slowing phones and acknowledged that Apple could have done a better job explaining what it was doing.

15, 2018 6:45 a.ET BEIJING—Apple Inc.

When this report hit Reddit, other iPhone users on that popular information-sharing site repeated the original experiment with similar results.If you absolutely require top-speed performance, you could still hold off on buying a new iPhone and just replace the battery instead.

Markets open in 2 hrs 16 minsS&P Futures2,687.50(+0.

A schism in bitcoinThe creation of Bitcoin Cash took place this summer following a bitter schism between bitcoin insiders.When it arrived, Bitcoin Cash replicated every record found on the original bitcoin blockchain — including the existing distribution of bitcoin wealth.

According to LikeFolio analysis of consumer sentiment on Twitter, Samsung Galaxy phone owners are happier with their phones than Apple (AAPL) iPhone customers.LikeFolio uses social-data research to discover consumer trends on public companies, in this case measuring how positively consumers are reacting to the iPhone and Samsung Galaxy phones.

Dow Jones, a News Corp companyNews Corp is a network of leading companies in the worlds of diversified media, news, education, and information services Company has fixed the issue, apologizes for any inconveniences Updated Dec.5, 2017 10:19 a.

ET PayPal Holdings Inc.said Friday that personally identifiable information for roughly 1.

Disclosures will only reach a fraction of the more than 120 million users who saw posts Updated Nov.ET Facebook Inc.

In an interview at the Web Summit trade show in Lisbon, Reddit co-founder and Chief Executive Steve Huffman said the violent clashes between white nationalists and protesters in Charlottesville, Va.A rallygoer plowed his car into a crowd of people demonstrating against the white nationalists, killing one woman and injuring 19 people.

— Janice Long (@true_travel22) November 13, 2017 I think a teenager hacked your account.— Rob Rafn (@RobRafn) November 13, 2017 I swear, I thought I was reading a tweet from a troll account.

by race, political preference, religion and interests such as gun ownership, according to advertising data released by lawmakers on Wednesday as part of congressional investigations into Russian manipulation on social media around the U.S.

The Snap Inc (NYSE:SNAP) honeymoon is over.Since its March 2 initial public offering, SNAP stock has mostly gone in one direction.

Gilmore Girls: A Year in the Life and Fuller House were voraciously consumed by users upon their release, giving birth to a new term: “Binge racer.” That’s a Netflix term for someone who watches the entire run of new shows within 24 hours.

13, 2017 2:17 p.ET Two accounts that Facebook Inc.