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Results for Tag "unpopularity"

Continued austerity and falling living standards mean the European Union is facing a decade of further unpopularity and strains on its unity, requiring urgent reforms to survive, according to Lord Mandelson, the former EU commissioner.These raise real issues and challenges of political management and accountability of Europe's affairs.

– they've become even more hated than the banks, with gas and electricity bills now the top financial concern among consumers.Average annual energy bills for a three-bed semi stand at about £1,350, and if the current freeze signals a harsh winter ahead, the bills could race towards £1,500.

Nine out of 10 also say that business should be legally obliged to report on its impact on local communities and workers around the world.Instead of increasing corporate accountability, our politicians are vying with one another to cut "red tape".

George Osborne’s budget shows he is planning an early election | Tom Clark Read more All the same, O’Toole’s perspective has a ring of truth about it.George Osborne’s budget this week offered another chapter in Britain’s version of the austerity morality story.

Caroline Flint, a minister in Gordon Brown’s government and a member of Ed Miliband’s shadow cabinet, has said the parliamentary Labour party (PLP) was in denial about the unpopularity of Miliband before the last election and implied that if the current leader looked like losing, he should be cut loose.Speaking at a Guardian Live event at the Labour conference in Brighton on Monday night, Flint was part of a panel chaired by Guardian journalist Jonathan Freedland.

And from the perspective of Johnson and Livingstone themselves, they've both got reason to quibble over the charge sheet.I should for the record state that I hate Boris Johnson, I hate him like the devil.

The party, he said, had to realise they had "put down the placards and taken up the reins of power".Some 3,000 activists, the highest number ever, have registered for the conference in Sheffield, where Clegg is MP for Sheffield Hallam.

The Liberal Democrats have dropped to just 11% with Ipsos Mori, their lowest rating with the pollster for 19 years, according to the latest poll, given to the Guardian.I don't know any government anywhere in the world that is cutting the deficit without becoming more unpopular.

This month's Guardian/ICM figures, as other polls have done, suggest that Michael Howard would prove much more popular with Tory voters than Mr Duncan Smith.They show that 32% of Tory voters say they would be more likely to vote for the party with the former home secretary at the helm.

Extracts from Tony Blair's speech in Glasgow: What brings thousands of people out in protests across the world?And I know many here today will agree with her, and don't understand why I press the case so insistently.

Tony Blair has promised to look again at financing of higher education, including student loans, after admitting the issue had become the single most difficult problem facing Labour on the doorstep.At private party meetings twice last week, Mr Blair expressed willingness to review tuition fees and student loans.

WASHINGTON — Senator Sherrod Brown of Ohio is a relatively accessible fellow, but when asked for an interview on the subject of the schisms in his Democratic Party, his schedule was full.Instead, he sent a statement that the Hillary Clinton-Bernie Sanders presidential primary battle was strengthening the party in contrast with the “divisive” Republican fight.