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Results for Tag "turning"

Plus, my grandma was a Cookson devotee and used to give me her books to read when I was off sick from school.Her place at the top has been taken by Patricia Cornwell with her thriller Blow Fly, while the rest of the top 10 features other crime writers, including John Grisham, James Patterson and Ian Rankin.

Rose has contributed to that change, valiantly trying to turn back the tide of "vulgar ultra-Darwinism and gung-ho biotechnological genetic sales talk".According to Buffy's creator, Joss Whedon, "The first thing I thought of when I thought of Buffy.

If it is not the end of broadcasting, then it is the end of broadcasting as we know it.The last time the television industry encountered significant change was 15 years ago with the launch of satellite operators to take on the earthbound establishment.

The day before the US premiere of Super Size Me, Morgan Spurlock's chronicle of a month spent eating nothing but McDonald's, the fast-food chain announced a new product.In Australia, cinema-goers get to watch a McDonald's ad arguing that the film they are about to see is full of misleading distortions.

It is now an established part of the internet industry, enjoying the confidence of law enforcement agencies and the government.The new BT system mirrors one which the IWF introduced for Usenet newsgroups, online discussion forums, about two years ago.

The spirit of Murakami was omnipresent at the Louis Vuitton catwalk show in Paris last month, where the bags were unveiled.And the clothes had the same knowing, pristine innocence as Murakami's smiling flowers and floating jellyfish eyes.

I'm also reading Staying Alive, edited by Neil Astley (Bloodaxe, £10.Finally, I'm reading (slowly) Understanding Consciousness by Max Velmans (Routledge £17.

The Steve Penk Breakfast Show (Virgin) has a helpful section on its website.You'll know if any of this applies to you because you will find yourself on air, at breakfast time, shouting "I'm a tosser!

But the doomed larger-than-life producer's predilection for paid sex was endemic of Hollywood's age-old obsession with the oldest profession: the movie whore has always been with us (and I'm not talking about film critics).The idea of a white knight (Richard Gere) 'rescuing' a fallen woman may not have been new, but the film's slick, smart, pop-soundtracked presentation was.

Examples highlighted in the press since that report indicate that the workplace is increasingly being monitored by a "Big Brother" (or Sister) figure.Yours, Carolyn Jones, Director, Institute of Employment Rights Dear Carolyn, I doubt if your picture of "Big Brother" - or Sister - employers is one that most people will recognise.

But there are plenty of people who don't live near any kind of 'gay village'.I'd never seen my father cry and I knew I'd broken his heart.

Graham Greene famously hated nearly every attempt to adapt his work for the cinema.His degrees of disdain spanned 'a miss' (The Heart of the Matter) and 'awful' (Travels With My Aunt) to plain, unadulterated 'treachery' (The Quiet American).