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Results for Tag "things"

Jane Glover conducted, as she had for L'Allegro 's previous performances in 1997.By last Thursday, she and the dancers were soaring on the same wavelength, after a spaced-out opening night.

Small beer originally meant weak beer, since in the 18th century small meant weak.Some of the Radio 4 audience might still listen at length to just one network.

Key works from the National's own collection sit alongside numerous loans from Europe and America.Much in this exhibition - the small paintings, the works on paper, and the curios especially - demands the kind of close attention it simply can't get here.

So dead Fred's film career has only just begun.We're being more measured about this in Britain.

The Blair Witch Project is an object lesson in the art of making something out of nothing, or next to nothing.This low-to-no budget US independent horror flick uses only three actors and a few hand-held cameras.

Welcome to Room 101," said Paul Merton.These people have been long locked up and forgotten in my own private Room 101 for years, but now they are free to cause me intense misery.

But Wild, Wild West is rare in having a black actor as its star - the laughter of black and other ethnic actors at roles they are being offered is increasingly hollow.Besides the usual victims, such as blacks and Latinos, these include Welsh stereotyping in the British hit Notting Hill and the caricature of 'Scottish Fat Bastard' in Austin Powers: The Spy Who Shagged Me.

Once upon a time, movie going was easy.These days a movie doesn't have to be a complete story.

Now they sail through the slightly ungainly Victorian Italianate entrance facade proper, and into Mather's magnificent new Neptune Court, bright and wide as the sea.I see no ships in the Neptune Court; it relies too much on clever artworks and "experiences" when it might show us ships and shippy things.

But if you're after a bit more mental stimulation, you could try: Orphans: Gruesome Glaswegians hit the black comedy mark.Or go highbrow with: Elizabeth: History lushly re-written My name is Joe: Ken Loach's witty, gritty Glaswegian family tale.

When she's not writing full-length novels, she's keeping her hand in with short stories.Perhaps because of this and because of the precocious bleakness of her world-picture, reviewers seem to think her boyish.

But military officials around the world say that even if South Korea's defense forces get the money,it won't be enough to deal with the massive destructive forceawaiting them just across the border inNorth Korea.Three rings of defenseAs Hezbollah's missile arsenal has grown, so have Israel's anti-missile capabilities.