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Results for Tag "teeth"

Vampire horror sequel Underworld: Evolution swooped to the top of the US box office at the weekend with a £27.6m haul.

Morgan Spurlock's Super Size Me, a polemical, knockabout documentary in the Michael Moore manner, belongs very much to the disgusting, puritanical branch of the food genre.On the third day, he's throwing up through his car window after downing a Big Mac and a super-size bag of fries.

Ali G creator Sacha Baron Cohen should be making a return to the big screen, but this time without the Tommy Hilfiger gear.Cohen, whose Da Ali G Show has been a cult hit on HBO in America, has been approached by DreamWorks to star in a remake of the hugely successful French farce Le Diner de Cons.

Now the internationally acclaimed Canadian theatre director Robert Lepage and the actress and writer Sophie Faucher have taken Kahlo's paintings and turned them into theatre.Rather than simply reproduce the paintings and the life, Lepage and Faucher have drawn quotes from Kahlo's art and quirky, highly coloured diaries to get inside her mind.

Jools Holland's Piano (BBC2) was, appropriately enough, rather grand.To Billy Joel, it transpires, "she" isn't always a woman.

Zadie Smith's award-winning comic novel, White Teeth, is to be made into a four-hour TV saga.Channel 4 has just commissioned a small screen version of Smith's story about multicultural London.

Kaufman and Edna Ferber wrote The Royal Family with an eye on the American acting dynasties of the Barrymores and the Drews.Kaufman and Ferber offered her a part in The Royal Family.

It's not that I can't see why they might want to change direction.The title of Ruders's piece, Studium, suggests something austerely technical.

Yet, as Natural World (BBC2, Sunday) explained, the shepherds who watch their flocks by night don't detest the predators with whom they share the mountainside.They don't call for their extermination or hunt them into extinction.

The rise, fall and rise again of John Frusciante reads like a rock'n'roll fable.The album produced the group's first breakaway hit, 'Under the Bridge'.

Zadie Smith, whose first novel, White Teeth, confounded the bookies by missing the Booker shortlist and the Orange prize, is the only British author on the Guardian shortlist: she shares it with two Americans, a Vietnamese-American, and a Canadian.The £10,000 prize will not be announced until next month, but in the meantime Ms Smith will confront one of her rivals, Dave Eggers, at an event at the ICA in London next week.

It's been a while since any novelist arrived on the literary scene with quite such an explosion as Zadie Smith.But Oranges are not the only fruit: Smith is certain to win some prize or other before this year is out.

The shit is not the shit (this was Mo's mantra); the pigeon is the shit.He was feeling really very Zen about this - very goodwill-to-all-men - until he spotted Archie's car.

When was the last time you heard the word "unconscionable" in a teen slasher series?But words such as "diatribe" or "unconscionable"?

Well, they capture sharks to use as aquarium attractions - but they only keep them for a year and then let them go.This was the unwelcome scenario facing the family of obstetrician Joan Francisco after she was found strangled on Boxing Day, 1994.