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Results for Tag "targets"

Reports began to emerge on 15 February that Banksy's work had appeared in various locations across the city.The first to be photographed and posted was an image of child soldier holding a machine gun that fired crayon bullets.

As a multimillionaire peer of the realm, serial entrepreneur and star of BBC1's The Apprentice, you might think Lord Sugar was too busy to pursue spats on Twitter.Especially Lord Sugar.

After squashing Darwin deniers and God-botherers with bestselling tomes including The God Delusion and The Greatest Show on Earth, Richard Dawkins is set to tackle what might be his hardest audience yet: teenagers.The well-known scientist and atheist has struck a book deal for his first title for young adults, which will look to explode myths and legends about the natural world with science.

Not content with penning the third book of the Bible, James Frey, who wrote of his struggle with drug addiction in a controversial memoir, is turning to children's books.As ever with Frey, who was found to have fabricated parts of his autobiography, A Million Little Pieces, there are layers within layers to this latest book deal.

Speculation is mounting that the Rome film festival could be heading for choppy waters, if not the chop, in the wake of the election of the Italian capital's first rightwing mayor since the second world war.One of his campaign's print ads carried the slogan, "Alemanno, for less cinema and more security" - a reference to his central plank of fighting illegal immigration.

Christmas chart battles are usually the territory of reality TV stars, novelty artists and Westlife, but this year a very unlikely pop star has thrown his hat into the yuletide ring.Malcolm Middleton, once of Scottish "miserabilists" Arab Strap and now a successful miserabilist in his own right, has announced he will release the single We're All Going to Die in a bid to make it the Xmas number one single.

At least five Hollywood studios are believed to be circling director Larry Charles' follow-up to his global smash comedy Borat.The Untitled Larry Charles Project is a documentary about faith and global religion that in true Charles fashion - he earned his stripes as a regular Seinfeld writer and director of Curb Your Enthusiasm - keeps its tongue firmly anchored in its check.

A major Hollywood studio has recruited Salma Hayek in a bid to tap into America's burgeoning Latino film audience.The films will be shot in the English language, although MGM also plan to acquire Spanish-language productions for release in the US.

Témoinage, or Testimony, is Mr Sarkozy's second book and was dashed off in four months, with a second instalment planned for the new year.But he also uses his own "personal story" of politics and ambition to persuade voters that he is very different from the rest of France's elitist ruling class.

The deputy chief of the BBC's Jerusalem bureau is facing a possible ban from Israel over a controversial interview with nuclear whistleblower Mordechai Vanunu.Simon Wilson has been based at the corporation's 12-strong Jerusalem bureau since 2001, but Israeli officials were angered by a BBC interview with Vanunu, who was released last April, which was not submitted to the Israeli censor for approval.

It may not be every film student's idea of credibility but a £1,000 prize could just compensate for the stigma of winning the Mary Whitehouse Award.But now she is being commemorated with an award for young film-makers who "observe the spirit of the Communications Act".

Hollywood's indiscriminate quest for unoriginal source material continues apace with news that Warner Bros is preparing to adapt Beowulf.Screenwriter Matthew Sand said in today's Hollywood Reporter that the Old English epic poem was a hugely influential story, adding: "It's the genesis of so many of the horror archetypes we see today.

Not content with lambasting the Bush administration, Michael Moore's Fahrenheit 9/11 is now poised to bite the very hand that feeds it - albeit inadvertently.One of Moore's prime targets is the Carlyle Group, a Washington DC-based investment firm that allegedly links the Bush and Bin Laden families.

A potentially revolutionary bid to bring down the price of cinema seats has hit a major snag after the company behind it ran up against resistance from film distribution firms.Film-goers who book weeks in advance will get the cheapest deals, while those who buy tickets just before viewing the film will pay around £5.

He has described himself as 'hip-hop's homosexual Jackie Robinson', a reference to the black baseball player who broke through the game's racial barriers.But it also comes at a moment when one of the Republican party's most senior members has equated homosexuality with incest and bigamy.

Days after his explosive Oscar acceptance speech, Academy Award-winning director Michael Moore is courting fresh controversy with his next project.The feted creator of gun culture documentary Bowling for Columbine is said to be preparing a picture on a link between President Bush's father and Osama bin Laden that allegedly benefited the shadowy Saudi mastermind.

Fresh from his Oscar ceremony tirade against a 'fictitious President' fighting a 'fictitious war', documentary-maker Michael Moore has said he is setting his sights on the alleged links between former President George Bush senior and the Saudi family of Osama bin Laden.The film will look at the alleged 'murky relationship' between Bush senior, controversial defence investment firm the Carlyle Group, and the bin Laden family.

We all of us want to play to as wide a public as we can find.There's evidently a thing called the young audience and everybody accepts that it's a good thing.

And some rightwing MPs, having postponed plans to tax X-rated films at 93%, are now trying to outlaw porn even from restricted-access cable and pay-TV stations.Prohibition Under existing French law prostitution is legal but pimping is not.

The European Automobile Manufacturers' Association, known by its French acronym ACEA, proposed a 20 per cent reduction in harmful carbon dioxide engine emissions for passenger cars between 2021 and 2030.The goal was to be re-evaluated in 2025 and could be set higher if electric cars become more popular, Zetsche added.