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Result comes as Trump administration considers whether it needs to take action to curb the imbalance Updated Jan.ET BEIJING—China’s chronically high trade surplus with the U.

Dow Jones, a News Corp companyNews Corp is a network of leading companies in the worlds of diversified media, news, education, and information services Boost in exports of manufactured goods and crude oil outpaces increase in imports Dec.27, 2017 10:18 a.

crude oil supply was likely to continue into 2018 and upset rivals who are cutting back.It also noted that global oil supply rose 200,000 barrels a day in November to 97.

Australia's trade surplus has slipped to its lowest level in three months, weighed down by a decline in LNG shipments and lower gold exports.The trade balance fell to a surplus of $460 million in July, about half of the $888 million surplus in June, seasonally adjusted data from the Australian Bureau of Statistics showed.

It won the WH Smith award, and was the last book of his published in his lifetime.Anthony Thwaite, his literary executor and friend, has compiled what amounts to a sequel - a selection of Larkin's (slightly repetitive) interviews, broadcasts, statements and reviews.

But as defence priorities changed (key bases closed or moved and fewer people joined up) many MoD homes became redundant.In 1996 the MoD appointed a new housing company, Annington Homes, as the developer to handle redundant married quarters on sites from Cornwall to Cumbria.

I doubt I'd go back anywhere on the same salary; there aren't those positions there.I'm not looking, but I'm not averse either.

The ad shows a group of workers and executives from an ice cream company lined up in neat rows in front of their suburban Tokyo factory.Adding 10 yen, or about 9 cents, to the price of Garigari-kun, a hugely popular soda-flavor ice cream bar.

,” by Nancy Pelosi (Op-Ed, March 22): As chief of staff to Representative George Miller, the California Democrat who developed the “pay as you go” deficit reduction plan in 1982, I would like to make two points.Bush, they went a step further and allowed the Paygo law that constricted spending in the 1990s to expire.

The federal government recorded a budget surplus in January of $55.2 billion, helped by a timing quirk that shifted benefit payments to December.

So, farewell: Bernard Manning at home in Manchester.When a person dies, it is sad for their family and friends - so, in that respect, I am sorry that Bernard Manning passed away yesterday.

In Australian dollar terms, the RBA index of commodity prices has fallen 27.The evidence to support this risk comes from the experience over the past three years where the terms of trade have been falling.

It will continue to talk of the need to reduce government debt and the budget deficit, yet it will include an extremely high level of government spending, one rarely, if ever, seen outside times of recession.The government clearly does not want to take the tough decisions needed to reduce the budget deficit and lower government debt.

According to a report in the Wall Street Journal, the United States has an overwhelming surplus of cheese, enough to equal three extra pounds of the stuff for every person in the country.If dairy farmers refuse to stop making cheese, I suppose the only solution to this problem is to quickly, efficiently dispose of the cheese surplus.

Recurring modest government deficits are sustainable in the long term.Imagine that the non-government sector in Australia has $100 in net financial wealth.

In the March quarter, private sector wages grew by just 0.7%: The big driver of public sector wages was in Victoria, which saw a 1% jump in March.

Britain's public finances showed an impressive £12bn surplus last month as the first receipts from the auction of mobile phone licences poured into the government's coffers, according to official figures published today.The result is the biggest May surplus on record and compares with a £6.