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79% Google unveiled new technology that lets publishers create visual-oriented stories in a mobile-friendly format similar to the style popularized by Snapchat and Instagram.Starting Tuesday, publishers will be able to try out a developer preview of AMP stories, which feature swipeable slides of text, photos, graphics and videos, Google announced in a blog post.

So when Zuckerberg said on on Facebook's fourth quarter earnings call that "Stories are on track to overtake posts in feeds as the most common way that people share across all social apps," my ears perked up.But the Stories format -- on both Facebook's and Snap's apps -- remains relatively under-monetized.

What that means exactly is still unclear, but given that Kroger has also been named as a likely buyer of Overstock.Indeed, Kroger has already been generally moving closer to becoming a more relevant new-economy company.

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Anthology series exploring author’s visions of reality, humanity premieres Friday Jan.9, 2018 10:00 a.

Donald Trump's first year as president of the United States was certainly a memorable one (although maybe not for the reasons he might think), while bitcoin became the talk around trading desks and dinner tables.With that, here are Benzinga's 10 most-read stories of the year.

In 2017, massive mergers reshaped the media landscape, digital upstarts faced a reckoning, and social media platforms found themselves in the crosshairs of decision makers on Madison Avenue and Capitol Hill.The ordeal has spurred lawmakers to introduce legislation that would make advertising on social media more transparent.

It's Friday, December 22nd, and we're looking back at the year in tech, I'm your host, Dylan Lewis, and I'm going on Skype by fool.This is the last recap show for Industry Focus, and it's the last real traditional show we're going to be doing this year.

com/articles/six-health-stories-to-watch-in-2018-1514116801 Illustration by Oliver Burston Your Health A new year could bring new treatments for migraines and breast cancer, greater access to a powerful cholesterol drug, advances in gene editing and more Illustration by Oliver Burston Dec.ET Don’t be surprised if 2018 proves to be a big year for health in good ways and bad.

One of those well-connected Russians was President Donald Trump's former business partner Aras Agalarov, who Veselnitskaya said connected her with his son's music publicist, Rob Goldstone.And she said Akhmetshin had already signed a nondisclosure agreement.

com/articles/through-veterans-stories-ken-burns-explores-the-vietnam-war-1504954804 Soldiers on a search and destroy operation near Qui Nhon on Jan.17, 1967.

19, 2017 Canada Factory Sales Plunge in July Canadian factory sales plunged in July on a pullback in auto production, in a further sign that the economy has hit a rough patch following a year of roaring growth.18, 2017 Canadian Union to Strike at GM SUV Plant A Canadian union failed to reach an agreement on a new contract with General Motors and its members will strike, threatening to crimp supply of the auto maker’s top-selling SUV.

21, 2017 Why Are Chinese Tech Innovators Now Seen as Public Nuisance?But they’re ill-prepared for the expectations of social responsibility that come with their influence and power, say industry experts and social activists.

Cautioned at Security Council Meeting Over Iran, North Korea Iran and North Korea—the main themes of the annual United Nations leaders’ gathering this year—were the top issues confronting members of the Security Council who met Thursday to discuss non-proliferation efforts intended to rid the world of weapons of mass destruction.13 hours ago Trump Administration Debates Options on Iran Nuclear Deal Secretary of State Rex Tillerson and other officials are urging Mr.

17 hours ago Even in Staid Germany, Protest Parties Poised to Gain Ground Germany’s seemingly predictable election campaign may well have a twist in its tail.Interviews show how her success comes from an uncanny ability to shift decisively with the political wind.

This week their task was at home.1-magnitude earthquake that destroyed scores of buildings in Mexico’s capital and surrounding states.

I left the print-out in the kitchen and next morning Doris's manner told me everything I needed to know.You'll never be happy again with me now, she wept, you'd better sack me.