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As expected, Tim Burton's Planet of the Apes ruled the American box office over the weekend with an unconfirmed record opening haul of £49.Despite mixed reviews, audiences flocked to see Mark Wahlberg and co strut their stuff in the stylish reworking of the 1960s classic.

If you've seen one high-school romance - even with a Shakespearean sub-plot floating in there under the floss - you've seen a dozen.Lee Fleming Jr, graft on a backstage musical - words by the bard from A Midsummer Night's Dream, rock music by the school's camply ludicrous drama teacher (Martin Short).

It is this mixture of metropolitan glamour and provincial clout that has made Grandage a serious contender to run the National Theatre if and when Trevor Nunn vacates the seat.That, and the fact that Grandage is a great director of the classics with a sharp eye for new writing.

In the pre-war years, the motel (usually called a motor-court and a rustic, timbered place) could be a romantic, hopeful spot.Scott and Julie Christie book into a San Francisco motel so impersonal that you never meet the staff or other guests.

If they can read the handwritten signs in windows saying: "Dainty cream teas" surely they can spot "Texaco" or "Esso" in letters less than three feet high?Things they approved of were "nice", "good", "great" or, if really admirable, "the canine testicles".

With the music industry close to crisis point, the phrase "CD burning system" is ripe for misunderstanding, evoking a modern version of the Disco Sucks bonfire.The choice features 150 songs split into five categories - indie, dance, R&B, chart and specialist - from which you select 10 tracks.

The British film commission is starting to get jittery about Britain's self-proclaimed status as the movie capital of Europe.With only one major big-budget production currently being shot in England, it seems that the allegedly cash-strapped Hollywood studios are turning to countries such as Canada, Australia and South Africa where they can get better value for their bucks.

I survived the Stone Poneys, survived the 60s, survived many other cultural epiphanies that left me at or near deathÕs doorstep.In the following pages, I would like to discuss 10 movies so bellicosely vile they made me wish I was dead even before I had seen them.

Le Bourgeois Gentilhomme was the last of the comédies-ballets Lully wrote with Molière, combining drama, music, dance, mime and spectacle, and in Gentilhomme these elements were more integrated than ever.But there was still too much, though the plot is slight, and even Sams's trademark jokes couldn't speed it along.

David Jason's is an odd story.It was blown totally out of proportion by those stupid wallies"); he also reckons the psychologist is talking "total rubbish.

He was going to give up the buses before his first book came out, but his publisher convinced him he would get more publicity if he stayed behind the wheel.If people don't like this one, I'd give them their money back.

This makes the medium, for much of the time, less like the theatre and more like a tap.On Wednesday, just back from holiday, I let Radio 4 run.

And the implication of that is this remarkable intuition is inextricably linked with his own weaknesses - Fitz's problems mirror those of the criminals he works with and, as such, he has a head start when it comes to understanding them.Indeed, this model of what could colloquially be called "the mad psychiatrist" was recently recycled in Psychos, in which Douglas Henshall portrayed a Glaswegian doctor given to splenetic outbursts and incipient psychosis.

A Return to Modesty: Discovering the Lost Virtue by Wendy Shalit, Simon and Schuster £16.99, pp310 The title of Wendy Shalit's book is misleading.

I found the wonderful second-edition unabridged Webster's New International Dictionary with its rich definitions and hundreds of fine small illustrations.Because I often fold down page corners and scribble in margins, it is best to keep me away from first editions.

The Oscar-winning director released a statement to the LosAngeles Times earlier this week, to rebut suggestions made in a Time magazinearticle about him two weeks ago.The article, featured in the April 5 issue of Time, alleged thatthe filmmaker was considering his options after SavingPrivate Ryan failed to bag Best Picture gong at last month's Oscars.

He is demonstrably 5 Live Man: young, smooth, bantering (and a tad bland) - a sort of John Inverdale in training.On Tuesday's programme 5 Live's regional strengths were demonstrated in reports from Southampton and Newcastle about the lengths to which parents are going in order to get their children into their chosen school.