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) story, which reads like the result of Laurence Sterne comparing notes with Jacques Cousteau.AH After the Quake, by Haruki Murakami (Vintage, 6.

Legend has it that grave robbers stole Sterne's body and sold it to a professor of anatomy at Cambridge.Thankfully, a student recognised Sterne's features at the dissection table and the body was swiftly returned to its rightful resting place.

But when Sterne walked out of that improvised photographic studio, the only thing she took with her was her shadow on the wall.When the Nazis invaded Romania in 1940, he changed his name to Frederick Stafford and she added an 'e' to Stern.

The first two volumes of Tristram Shandy were rejected by the London publisher, Robert Dodsley, but, when privately printed, quickly sold out.An abrupt vitality is Sterne's great contribution to the art of the novel.

When the new Whitney Museum of American Art opened last year, one painting in its inaugural exhibition, “America Is Hard to See,” stood out: Hedda Sterne’s “New York, N.” That dark-red-and-green work, made with an airbrush-and-enamel paint technique, looked particularly contemporary — like early graffiti painting or the recent work of Keltie Ferris.