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Slavenka Drakulic (Shadows in the sunshine, August 29) seems miffed that the Croatian Helsinki Committee for Human Rights (HHO) has supported pop singer Marko Perkovic Thompson's "right to perform".In fact, at the end of May, the HHO condemned the Zagreb Social Democratic mayor's decision to finance Thompson's concert with public funds and to permit the singer the use of Zagreb's main public square.

Barack Obama.The Black Eyed Pea, actress and jazz-man are among those crooning in an unofficial campaign video posted to YouTube on Saturday.

Photograph: AP I was talking to a friend about For One Night Only - Simon and Garfunkel: The Concert in Central Park (Radio 4, Saturday, 10.30am) and how much I liked it, and she, rather than nodding like a polite person, said: "Really, what did you like about it?

Speeches That Changed the World Introduction by Simon Sebag Montefiore Quercus £12.99 These are some of the speeches from the English-speaking world that defined the 20th century, from Neville Chamberlain's reedy-voiced address to Britain 10 days before the beginning of the Second World War to Winston Churchill's lisped delivery of 'Blood, toil, tears and sweat' in 1940.

- and set up a whole window display of Rushdie's works.No, the blood is on Rushdie's hands, because he wrote a work of fiction.

Like the rest of humanity, the Jews of Israel 'forget' the Palestinians.A spokesman denied allegations from Callil, reported by Reuters, that "fundamentalist Jews" had complained and had the party shut down.

Turkishness is Orhan Pamuk's big problem too.He is expected to walk free, but the damage has probably been done just by putting him in the dock.

Here, plainly, was an international writer going places.With each title, Pamuk's reputation has soared.

And yesterday, the public prosecutor in Istanbul's Sisli district officially charged him with damaging the state and insulting Turkey's national character.In June a conference was planned at Istanbul's Bosphorus University to debate the events of 1915-16, but was cancelled after pressure from the government, nationalist groups and student bodies.

Arnold Schwarzenegger delved deeply into his Hollywood past during his speech last night at the Republican national convention.While the man who is now governor of California has put his Hollywood career on the back-burner, his back catalogue still played a prominent role in his address to the party faithful.

He showed a faxed letter from Ms Gordimer's daughter, Oriane, which called the manuscript "very, very interesting and a joy to read".In a letter last month Liz Calder, a publisher at Bloomsbury, said the biography was in many ways a brilliant book.

The parents of the US soldier name-checked in Adrien Brody's Oscar acceptance speech admitted they were stunned to learn that their son had been mentioned by name.At the close of a moving speech, the winner of the best actor Oscar paid tribute to his childhood friend who is currently serving in the Gulf.

Let us agree that, by the time of the next census, Birmingham, Manchester, Liverpool and Newcastle must be gaining population not losing it.We can also restore vitality to our cities, and recreate "Cities for people".

But of course it doesn't rest there and is in no way quite as simple as that.We've become the victims of a gang of well organised hijackers with no musical sensibilities or taste.

Days after the moody one apologised for laying into a BBC producer for cutting his best actor acceptance speech at the awards, Crowe has endured the same treatment at the hands of Australian TV executives.He berated BBC producer Malcolm Gerrie at last week's Bafta ceremony after he learned that part of his acceptance speech had not been broadcast.

Film star Russell Crowe pinned a TV executive against a wall after his Bafta award acceptance speech was cut short on Sunday night's broadcast.The doors were shut and the actor delivered his extraordinary rant while his security men stood guard.

Falstaff rehearsals are in progress in the new building and Eleanor, my assistant, and I are in our new offices overlooking the piazza.The dancers moved into the Clore Ballet Building earlier this week and are ecstatic.

Between the actual awards we got Geena Davis's Oscar documentary, tributes to old-timers, comedy routines from Whoopi Goldberg, several film montages and musical interludes.Winning a Best Actress award for a competent performance in Shakespeare In Love, Paltrow ruined it with a hammy display of false emotion.

On the day of the court's decision we said in a leader:"The Internet did not create the challenge of balancing free speech against the right to privacy, but it has intensified the problems.So clearly there is a point, disregarding legal constraints, beyond which our instinct towards free speech would not carry us.