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The agency conducted a two-year investigation into 35 projects, won by Elios Innovative Zrt, to modernize the country’s street lighting Jan.ET The European Union’s antifraud office is recommending that Hungary’s top authorities take legal action over “serious irregularities” in projects carried out by a company once controlled by the son-in-law of Hungarian Prime Minister Viktor Orbán, the agency told The Wall Street Journal.

Approval is a sign that Seoul sees opportunities to engage with Pyongyang even as it goes along with U.-led efforts to isolate Kim Jong Un’s regime Nov.

When talks broke off in 2014 the two sides assumed antitrust regulators wouldn’t allow a tie-up.This time around, per a report by Japan’s Nikkei, Son’s SoftBank became concerned it would lose control should T-Mobile tmus take over Sprint.

This article first appeared in Data Sheet, Fortune's daily newsletter on the top tech news.Masayoshi Son appears to be going this year as Hamlet, turning in his second performance in three years of heatedly pursuing a merger between his Sprint and Deutsche Telecom's T-Mobile only to abandon the effort.

Former Fox News host Eric Bolling would very much like his son to be excluded from Bill O'Reilly's sexual harassment narrative.Like O'Reilly, Bolling also left Fox News this year amid sexual harassment allegations.

At the reception, attended by, among others, friends and family of the filmmakers as well as several of the film's subjects, nearly everyone seemed shaken.In one corner, Lola Van Wagenen, the mother of James Redford, the film's producer, was huddled with her two daughters.

It's a high concept movie, he said, like Groundhog Day.Nah, they ain't high concept.

So there's nothing at all far-fetched or unbelievable about the plot of ITV's new mini-drama Every Woman Knows A Secret.It's back to the girls' place for vodka and snogging but then 20-year-old son tries to rape one of the girls.

Primitive Science have reinvented themselves one more time with this achingly beautiful meditation on Breughel's famous painting of Icarus.Peering into the gloaming, the whole thing has a dream-like quality, like trick photographs or a fast-fading image of the retina.

Yesterday Ecce Homo claimed the honour.The sculpture's final surface is indeed marble, permanently suspended in the resin.

There is an inclusiveness about his translation which is something much more big-hearted, just as one would expect from him".But Heaney's translation has pushed it into the mainstream.

Woody Allen's 11-year-old son, whose preferred reading is Camus, Kafka and Sartre, has applied to go to university next year, it was revealed yesterday.But director-actor Allen does not exactly keep a close watch on the academic progress of Seamus Farrow.

Their nemesis is the novel Slab Rat by Ted Heller, who has emulated his late father, Joseph Heller, by creating a publishing sensation with his first book.For Ted it is an acutely accurate exposé of back-stabbing banality in the world of Condé Nast, Tina Brown and fashion shoots.

My wife Didn't seem afraid, even when it called for food She smiled and turned her book and said: 'I couldn't go and love the empty air.I pulled up from a pillow damp with heat And saw her kissing hers, her legs were folded Far away from mine.

Take, for example, this smart bit of Enfieldian cross-fertilisation from last Wednesday's Guardian : 'In my teens.Simply having a nice round-figured anniversary to commemorate isn't enough to get them slavering in the Carlton boardroom.

Almost 100 years after he finished writing it, one of Jules Verne's last novels finally appeared in French bookshops yesterday as the author wrote it - although readers may prefer the adulterated version.Le beau Danube jaune, which the author of Around The World In Eighty Days completed in 1901, was comprehensively rewritten by Verne's son, Michel, years later in what the Editions de L'Archipel publishing house called "one of the biggest deceptions in literary history".

Put simply, the case for Phillips is that without his gifts as a producer there would have been no Elvis Presley and no rock'n'roll, and today's music scene would be very different.Sun released Presley's first single, That's Alright Mama, and followed it with four more.

The two men pull up outside an anonymous suburban house.This is a salvage job.