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So, David Blunkett is mystified about "the most bizarre result of Sir Christopher's recommendation" (Kelly simply doesn't get it, 5 November).Alongside the MP is a familiar and formerly friendly senior civil servant.

” Continue reading the main story AdvertisementContinue reading the main story “All of you judges or whatever, you report to the Supreme Court,” Mr.”He said he wanted the Philippine people, especially those who voted for him in May, to know what was happening in the country.

” So why are some former civil servants still waiting up to six months to receive their pensions from MyCSP, eight months after the government’s former flagship mutual scheme took on paying pensioners?That’s the question civil service unions and former civil servants are trying to get answered.

Photograph: Luke Macgregor/Reuters The union was being told, Serwotka said, that any talks would have to be with the heads of specific departments and agencies, who had no power to change anything.They're just about how they're going to implement things we profoundly disagree with.

Senior civil servants face having their pay docked if they underperform as part of plans to arrest the "arms race" in public sector pay.Union leaders called the plan to dock pay "ill-conceived" and one independent expert said it could fail to reduce a single "fat cat" salary and might even inflate the bill in the short-term.

The NHS scheme is ranked 131st and the Civil Service scheme comes 133rd.The teachers' scheme is estimated to be £4 billion down on its future liabilities.

An unlikely combination of clergymen, cleaners and low-paid white collar workers are most satisfied with their jobs, according to a study of 35,000 employees released this week.At the other end of the scale, just 17% of telephone fitters were positively satisfied at work.

Facebook Twitter Pinterest Traitor Baru Cormorant - book cover Seth Dickinson - author Photograph: Screengrab Dickinson’s re-engineering of the heroic fantasy genre is not entirely successful.The Traitor Baru Cormorant has neither the heart stirring adventure of a heroic fantasy, or the political depth of a Wolf Hall.

Dive into the archives and scour the libraries, as I did when researching my book Servants: a downstairs view of 20-century Britain, and there is a surprisingly rich clamour of voices from the other side of the baize door.With her radical politics, her tart conversation and her size nine feet she must have been a formidable figure in the servants' hall.

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Up until his death in 1940, the Duke of Bedford employed 60 indoor servants just to look after him and his wife, along with eight chauffeurs.Tired of London, his life takes a new turn when an old squeeze leaves him a crumbling B&B.

For evidence, check out The Help, a 60s-set, Mississippi-based drama about a bunch of servants who "help" a white journalist write a book and then go on to share in the royalties.Over in the US, Tate Taylor's film – an adaptation of his friend Kathryn Stockett's novel – has bloomed into a word-of-mouth hit, a watercooler discussion point, and sat atop the box office chart for 25 days straight.

There were three things Tariq needed from his au pair: she had to be able to cook and to swim, and she had to like pets.This is one of several nice visual devices used in Cutting Edge: Sleeping With the Au Pair (Channel 4).