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Shares of the streaming company fell 2% Monday, with short-seller Andrew Left's Citron Research saying the stock could slump to $300.You can track the stock's price in real-time here>>Shares of Netflix slumped more than 3% Monday morning, as low as $318.

regulators should investigate Shopify’s “get-rich-quick” claims that its customers can easily become millionaires if they quit their jobs and use its e-commerce platform to sell goods online.Left said he was unimpressed with Shopify’s response on Tuesday.

The water-seller's body is as monumental as the round container on which he places his left hand.This painting crackles with Seville's scorching heat.

It wasn't the first time the Guandong-based author had shunned book stores.In a book market notorious for piracy, it's a smart move to use the latest technology to control distribution.

But in recent years, customers come not for sugary chai but for a taste of Rao's bittersweet words.As literacy levels rise in India, there is a palpable shift to a more subcontinental lingua franca and Hindi's reach is lengthening.

A 19th-century farming manual that has been out of print for 100 years is proving hot property among readers keen to emulate the people living as Victorian farmers on the BBC's new reality television show, Victorian Farm.uk says that Henry Stephens's 1844 title The Book of the Farm was the most searched-for title on its website after the first episode of the show aired on 8 January.

James Blunt's Back to Bedlam is the best selling album of the decade.Well, I'm going to come out and say it.

This story is about Alphonse, the big fat frog.He tries to find a treasure chest but he can't find it.

A little more than two months after its release, Daft Punk's Get Lucky has become the first single released in 2013 to chalk up a million sales in the UK.Although nine other singles have sold at least a million copies this year, none was also released this year.

“The risk premium was all anyone was talking about,” the group’s 33-year-old director, Karina Garantivá, said.“When people are struggling to meet their basic needs, you can’t talk about raising the ticket prices,” Garantivá said.

Lost Book Found was made in 1996, when Mayor Rudy Giuliani had begun slicking up New York into the brandscape it resembles today.My half-brother, Adam, was the son of Sid Grossman, who taught at the Photo League of New York before being blacklisted.

All of In Cold Blood’s virtues are encapsulated in that opening: the black-and-white camerawork of cinematographer Conrad Hall; the music of Jones; and the performance of Robert Blake.And Robert Blake is Robert Blake, in the keynote performance of his career.

The western economic model that India has adopted seems outdated and ruinous.These days, I travel around the country on my vintage English motorbike, enjoying that phenomenal sense of liberty.

She was appointed senior account manager at Pitney Bowes Australia in February 1999, where she was responsible for the mailing and the paper handling divisions of Pitney Bowes for the city of Sydney.So, what's the secret of Lucinda's success?

Government plans for a homeseller's information pack, designed to cut the time it takes to sell your home, are facing strong criticism.The pack - to be prepared by a seller's solicitor before the property is put on the market - includes all the information a buyer needs to make an informed decision.

The house at nearby Cromwell Street has been razed, as have a lot of notorious properties including the Manchester council flat where Moors Murderer Ian Brady lived, the west London house where John Christie strangled his victims, and the north London house of Dr Crippen.Reluctance to live in a house where a murder has taken place is nonsensical according to psychologists.

The introduction of the controversial home seller's pack moves forward a step closer today with the second reading of the government's homes bill.The packs, which sellers will legally required to put together, are a key feature of the new legislation.

Under the government's proposals, sellers' packs would include: · ownership documents · local authority searches · details of any relevant planning or listed building regulations · details of warranties and guarantees · and a survey report.Leasehold properties would require: · details of the lease · service charge details · building insurance policy · and regulations made by the landlord.