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Results for Tag "revolt"

We were buried in a rehearsal room in the heart of Old Damascus, a city steeped in 5,000 years of history and seemingly immune to the traumas and spasms sweeping across the Arab world.I wrote the play, The Speaker's Progress, four months ago, in what now seems another era.

Fortunately for Cera, Youth in Revolt also introduces Twisp's alter-ego, the louche, moustachioed, cigarette-smoking badboy François Dillinger, who allows him to overcome his natural shyness and pursue the girl of his dreams.But, in a wickedly witty dual role in the funniest teen flick in a long time, Cera finally seems to loosen up and have some fun.

Philip Pullman has led a chorus of protest from prominent children's authors over a new scheme that will require them to be vetted before they can visit schools.He called the plans "outrageous, demeaning and insulting" and said he wouldn't be appearing in schools again because of it.

A dizzying controversy will grip the French capital this week as its mayor tries to convince recalcitrant Parisians of the beauty of high-rise buildings.Two years after riots swept through the tower blocks of the Paris suburbs, mayor Bertrand Delanoe will unveil on Wednesday artists' impressions of skyscrapers planned for three areas within the capital's ringroad.

The Venezuelan congress said it would use the proceeds from a recent bond sale with Argentina to finance Glover's biopic of Toussaint Louverture, an iconic figure in the Caribbean who led an 18th-century revolt in Haiti.A document from the congress's finance commission said the culture ministry would be a partner with Glover and give $17.

In a letter to Mr Carter explaining their decision to quit, the 14 members accused him of holding a "strident and uncompromising position".The book tracks the peace process from Mr Carter's role as an architect of the 1979 treaty between Egypt and Israel.

In an open letter to the Italian government, 35 of Italy's architects have called for a halt to the museums, galleries and other public buildings being designed by international superstars such as Zaha Hadid, Lord Foster and Richard Meier.The architects' revolt emerged yesterday in an open letter to the prime minister, Silvio Berlusconi, and the president, Carlo Azeglio Ciampi, published in the newspaper Corriere della Sera, complaining that many contracts are awarded at the expense of home-grown talent.

Iraq's national museum, home to many priceless artefacts which were thought to have been looted after the fall of Baghdad, has been plunged into a new crisis because of a revolt by staff.More than 130 of the 185 staff of Iraq's state board of antiquities office in Baghdad, which runs the museum, have signed a petition demanding the resignation of its directors.

Revolt and rebelliousness are on the agenda of this year's Prague Writers' Festival, which has been dedicated to French enfant terrible and literary outlaw Jean Genet.The Guardian-sponsored festival, which is now in its 12th year, includes a series of conversations bringing together writers from different cultures and disciplines, which will be broadcasted live over the internet.

Twenty years after his death, Jean-Paul Sartre has been raised to the status of "man of the century" by Bernard-Henri Lévy, the philosopher-showman who led the revolt against leftwing thinkers in the 1970s.His 650-page book, Le Siècle de Sartre, abounds with unsuspected enthusiasm for the guru of postwar existentialism, revealing a passion that Lévy, 51, admits to keeping secret for years.