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While Americans have been promised a future of electric cars that can drive themselves, dealer showrooms are going back in time, as auto makers launch a slate of roomy off-roaders with nostalgia-inducing names.Ford’s Bronco, the bulky SUV, is returning to the market in 2020, ending a nearly quarter-century hiatus.

As fans around the world gear up to celebrate the 100th anniversary of Tolstoy's death, the author hailed in the west as one of the very greatest writers of all time is set to be commemorated in a more unusual fashion: his classic tragic love story Anna Karenina is to be reworked with added robots.Small US publisher Quirk Books, which had an unexpected hit with the Bennet-sisters-plus-zombies mash-up Pride and Prejudice and Zombies, will publish Android Karenina in June in the US and the UK to mark the centenary of Tolstoy's death.

(In March, Pete Wells awarded it three stars in a New York Times review.Credit Jeff Gordinier/The New York Times Mr.