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Plaintiffs are alleging the decision to end temporary protected status for El Salvador, Haiti, Nicaragua and Sudan was racially motivated.She received temporary protected status in 2001 and now works as an after-school teacher in the San Francisco Bay Area.

I was pleased to use one of those shower caps, which I have collected from hotel bathrooms over the years.The reason for my tension headache must be linked to the fact that Pamela Pigg stayed last night.

Spanish star Antonia Banderas has played down reports that he is the target of terrorist threats from the Basque separatist organisation, ETA, and denied that he has taken any extra security measures.The 40-year-old actor, who arrived in Britain yesterday with his actress wife Melanie Griffith for the premiere of his new film Spy Kids, told reporters: "This is one of the risks of this profession.

The house where Bob Marley lived has been designated a protected national heritage site.The Kingston home of Marley, who died of cancer in the US in 1981, is now a recording studio and museum displaying memorabilia.

An early read of the Scottish budget brings us news that the Scottish arts and culture budget will be a great deal more protected than that in England.Whereas Arts Council England's budget is to be cut by 30%, Creative Scotland's budget is frozen for 2011-12.

All that changed in the late 1990s, when somebody decided to leave a lipstick kiss on the tomb.Since then lipstick kisses and hearts have been joined by a rash of red graffiti containing expressions of love, such as: "Wilde child we remember you", "Keep looking at the stars" and "Real beauty ends where intellect begins".

This is a fact not lost on its architect, Ken Shuttleworth, who has now called for new viewing corridors to be introduced to protect vistas of his proudest creation – akin to the network of rules that guard views of St Paul's.Panoramic protection … some of the London Plan's protected views.

In fact, the policy centres on creating more protected bike lanes.The local Honolulu Star Advertiser explains the additional grid of protected bike lanes will “better deal with the island’s crippling car traffic – and accommodate the future public bike-share and rail transit systems”.

As part of the case, Kesha, whose real name is Kesha Sebert, gave Gottwald’s legal team access to 913 pages of medical records, covering gynaecological, psychiatric and rehabilitation issues.Buzzfeed reports that Gottwald’s legal team is refusing to keep them confidential, and so Kesha has asked the judge to seal the records.

74 per cent, while the highest has been 211.43 per cent.

Some investment companies are claiming the market slump offers the 'perfect environment' for protected funds, which are designed to ensure that part, or sometimes all, of your capital is protected against falls.The 'cash and call' fund invests most of your money in secure investments, such as cash deposits, to protect capital.

A pilot scheme to protect the deposits of tenants is to be extended for another two years.The scheme - now operating in Norfolk, Brighton, Birmingham, Merseyside, and Brent and Camden in London - could then be extended nationally.

Q My dad rents an unfurnished house at £750 per month, and signs a renewal contract every six months.The estate agent phoned him last week to ask him to come in at the weekend and sign the contract, which he said he would do.

The new treaty declares: "The union shall work for a highly competitive social market economy, aiming at full employment and social progress.Negotiations under the charter have enshrined as core rights in the workplace four weeks' paid holiday, obligatory consultation rights, pension rights for part-time workers, protection for workers in takeovers, and anti-discrimination measures, which mean gay and lesbian workers gained their first rights.

Scientists are calling for all homes to be protected against radon following a new study into the health threats posed by the radioactive gas.The 25 bq/m3 figure is worrying because housebuilders are currently only required to radon-proof new homes with more than a 3 per cent chance of radon levels exceeding 200bq/m3, the so-called 'action level'.

The broker recommended life cover, which she decided against.Ray Boulger of mortgage broker John Charcol suggests going for a 'level term' policy.

Q As an expatriate Brit my savings are in Northern Rock in Guernsey.The bank's website carries the same message as the UK Northern Rock website, stating that the Bank of England is guaranteeing all existing deposits during the current instability in the financial markets.

According to Halifax home insurance, garden theft increased by 63% over the summer months last year from the previous year and is expected to rise again in 2009.Aside from the fact that many tools and plants are expensive, some items have sentimental value too.