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Put another way, the market sees Enterprise Products Partners as being safer than its peers and better able to withstand a downturn.If Enterprise Products Partners is the safe, high-yield stock in the industry, then Kinder Morgan is the turnaround play offering exceptional value.

After reading Enterprise Products Partners LP.For Enterprise Products Partners, its latest earnings (trailing twelve month) is US$2.

In 2018, every major residential solar company is working on their own energy storage solution or partnering with another company., depending on how quickly Tesla's sales are declining, and it's starting to move into energy storage as well.

MiMedx Group Inc., a fast-growing tissue-graft developer, has financial ties to more than 20 doctors, according to a review of doctors’ disclosures by The Wall Street Journal, but the company hasn’t reported these payments to the government under a 2013 law.

Four pet food companies – Darwin’s Natural Pet Products, Red Barn Pet Products, Raws for Paws and Smokehouse Pet Products Inc.– have recalled products over the past five days, citing concern that their food could be contaminated with salmonella.

These skin-care solutions add a layer of defense to a growing problem Feb.ET ROUGHLY ONE THIRD of all Americans live somewhere with unhealthy air, and while the problem is more severe in cities, no one is immune.

That said, Kinder's deeper drop has made the pipeline company a lot more interesting as an investment, but there are still two good reasons to buy Enterprise over Kinder today.However, that didn't matter to the financial markets, and Kinder's access to capital was constrained.

For an investor looking at Enterprise Products Partners (NYSE: EPD) for the first time, this past quarter's results probably look great.Let's sift through the company's most recent earnings results and other recent announcements to see what investors can expect from the company throughout 2018 and beyond.

3%, Energy Transfer Partners (NYSE: ETP) catches the eyes of income investors.That's why dividend-seekers shouldn't bother with Energy Transfer but instead should consider buying Enterprise Products Partners (NYSE: EPD).

Last year didn't go quite as investors in Enterprise Products Partners (NYSE: EPD) hoped it would.However, because of that lackluster performance, Enterprise Products Partners entered 2018 trading at a remarkably cheap valuation for such a low-risk income stock.

The latest earnings release Enterprise Products Partners LP’s (NYSE:EPD) announced in September 2017 revealed that the company experienced a minor headwind with earnings falling from $2,512.View our latest analysis for Enterprise Products PartnersMarket analysts’ prospects for the upcoming year seems positive, with earnings expanding by a robust 15.

(NYSE: EPD) and Magellan Midstream Partners, L.3% yield is better than Magellan's 5.

A GoPro camera is seen on a skier's helmet as he rides down the slopes in the ski resort of Meribel, French Alps, January 7, 2014.O) is cutting about 200 to 300 jobs in its aerial products division this week, technology news website TechCrunch reported on Thursday.

While Apple's core hardware products--iPhones, iMacs, and Macbooks--continue to thrive year after year, some of Apple's 2017 releases haven't earned, for me, the hefty price tags they carry.Basically, this iPad is meant to replace the previous "iPad Air" line and differentiates itself from the pricier "Pro" model.

Those are three great reasons to consider putting a midstream energy company into your portfolio, and Williams Partners L.Midstream energy companies like Enterprise Products Partners LP and Williams Partners keep the oil and gas industry supply running smoothly.

The two benchmarks I used were Enterprise Products Partners’s average earnings over the past couple of years, and its industry performance.Given that these values may be fairly short-term, I have computed an annualized five-year value for Enterprise Products Partners’s net income, which stands at $2,305M.

Best Buy is selling a number of discounted items for Cyber Monday, starting at 12 a.For many other retailers this holiday season, Cyber Monday has become an important extension of Black Friday as customers grow accustomed to shopping online and from their homes.

In 2014, Amazon created an all-new category of electronic products with the introduction of its Echo smart speaker.The Echo is available in a variety of form factors, and a number of those will be deeply discounted at some point through Black Friday.

O) is cutting prices of products from third-party sellers on its website, moving beyond its more typical method of discounts on items it sells directly.The "discount provided by Amazon" applies to products including board games and technological gadgets offered by other merchants as the holiday season approaches.

Indeed, if the late Steve Jobs was all about brutal, unrelenting perfectionism and simplicity, he might detest some of the design choices Apple is making now.Several outlets and pundits have complained about the design choice, including longtime Apple loyalists like John Gruber.