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In a rousing sequel, the children’s-book bear is falsely accused of stealing a priceless treasure.ET ‘Paddington 2” is “The Godfather Part II” of Peruvian bear movies, a sequel that surpasses the superb original.

His grumpy proclamation, "Never work with animals or children" must be the most famously ignored maxim in Hollywood.They also act as a window on to a character's psychological progression.

The best answer Benedict Allen could come up with was "It seemed like a good idea in Shepherd's Bush.One can only pray, with no great hope of success, that he has mentioned to the Americans that he is coming.

I fell out with the record label, said, 'You're a bunch of wankers'.And they had the ownership of the record which was so shit nobody would've bought it anyway.

The animated movie Ratatouille, which has just been released in America, is a work of wonder and surprise as well as joy.I wish I had been a fly on the wall when they pitched this to the executives at Disney.

Because Gaga's approach to pop stardom hinged so heavily on including her fans at every turn, this act of tribalism kind of made sense.Teen saviour of articulate pop Lorde has emerged as the lone voice of reason, telling Look magazine: "I find it grating to lump everyone into a really awkward, pun-centric name.

Each story is written by a different author, and Jacqueline Wilson includes an introduction for each one, saying why she chose the story.There's a little bit from 'Alice Through the Looking Glass' by Lewis Carroll, and a bit from 'David Copperfield' by Charles Dickens.

“The massive, mighty trees were waving like a wheat-field in an autumn gale in England,” she reports in Travels in West Africa (1897).“The tornado shrieked like ten thousand vengeful demons.

Beatrix Potter told a young fan in 1908 that she was “trying dreadfully hard to think about another story about ‘Peter’” because “all the little boys and girls like the rabbits best”.Begged by her young correspondent, “dear little William Warner”, for another story featuring Peter Rabbit, who at that point had featured in Potter’s first book, 1901’s The Tale of Peter Rabbit, and 1904’s The Tale of Benjamin Bunny, Potter told him that she had been attempting to write one, but had not yet succeeded.

But the pervasive belief that everyone in the UK must love dogs makes pet-related TV the safest of safe mass-market options.Channel 4 cleared out their 8pm slot every night last week for Animal Rescue Live: Supervet Special, a mongrel mix of Springwatch and charity telethons.

He says: "I couldn't believe it.Many household insurance policies also include third-party liability that should cover incidents, such as a postman bitten by a dog.

com, but very few major house insurers cover accidental damage caused by pets.They use a dog for advertising but won't cover the cost of their indiscretions) – examined for the survey refuse to cover damage caused by pets.

It’s been 16 months since Nestlé began allowing its 1,000-plus employees to bring their dogs into its City Place headquarters daily.“It’s like having a member of your family in the office,” says Forbes, owner of Reggie the beagle.

But the British government should block any move by Gazprom, Russia's state-owned monopoly gas exporter, to buy Centrica, which owns British Gas and is the UK's biggest gas distributor.Its boss, Alexei Miller, underscored the threat to Europe when he warned EU governments not to thwart his company's ambitions to acquire European gas distributors - or Russia would pipe its gas east to China instead.

I Can Has tweets … Twitter has added a new language setting – LOLCATZ (currently in beta).Monkey can't wait for @rupertmurdoch to give it a go.

So there are no cats on DogTV any more,” says Ron Levi, midway through explaining the origin story of the world’s first TV channel for dogs.“We thought that there was a real need with dogs: people feel really guilty leaving their dogs at home,” he says.

The Magna Carta, Shakespeare's first scribblings and ancient Egyptian papyri are all among the pride of the British Library collection.Overstretched and disgruntled library assistants are endangering centuries of artefacts - to the fury of experienced staff.