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11, 2018 7:12 p.ET Intel is quietly advising some customers to hold off installing patches that address new security flaws affecting virtually all of its processors.

9, 2018 3:29 p.ET Days after Advanced Micro Devices Inc.

I wonder what some good strategy are to avoid a medical patch on my skin to get wet when I shower.If you have paraffin wax, you could use it to cover the patch.

Replacing the insect screen is not always a viable solution (they cost money - especially since new one will be torn shortly again; or, the window is non-standard size and finding matching screen size is hard or impossible).The obvious solution (clear scotch tape) doesn't work because it refuses to stick to insect screen well and falls off easily.

My kitchen counter top have a small patch that is losing color.The patch is the main area of the counter top where my wife cuts veggies/processes food/other stuff.

LarryEllison (Larry Ellison announced a new database during Oracle's opening keynote on Sunday.In his first keynote of Oracle's annual use conference, the executive chairman announced a new autonomous database that can patch itself from cybersecurity flaws without having to go offline.

View photos Apple Watch Series 3 (The design of the Apple Watch is unchanged since 2014.Reuters) Apple's new Watch made lots of headlines on Wednesday — but for all the wrong reasons.

Whenever Schrader hit a tricky patch he would stop typing, put the gun to his temple and dry-fire the trigger.The film's real mystery, we grow to realise, lies in the volatile insides of its character's head.

Caricatura was a recognised art in Italy, a fantasia of physiognomy as sad as Piranesi's architecture.Subject: David Garrick (1716-79) rivalled the monarchy in the number of times he was portrayed in his lifetime.

When Kenneth Tynan attended the Belgrade's opening night in 1958, he marvelled at the theatre's modernity.The season begins with Glen's production of the rarely staged Brecht comedy, Mr Puntila and His Man Matti.

Argentina and Uruguay have squabbled for years over who invented the tango, both claiming to be the birthplace of the great tango crooner Carlos Gardel.But they patched things up last year in a joint effort to persuade Unesco to list the tango among its traditions worth safeguarding for humanity.

Just over a year ago, ICA director Ekow Eshun announced the closure of his live art department and in a single sentence destroyed any remaining shreds of credibility by declaring "it's my consideration that, in the main, the art form lacks depth and cultural urgency".Astonishingly, Eshun remains at the helm at the cash-strapped ICA, which recently received £1.

Lily Allen might not Smile if Patch William get the prestigious songwriting award, but Stephen Fry will probably allow himself a discreet victory dance.It was, after all, the comedian's complimentary Tweet in January 2009 ("Might Patch William be the next big thing?

Dmitry Medvedev, a big heavy metal fan, has fulfilled a lifelong dream by getting to meet his favourite rock band, Deep Purple.Classic rock bands enjoyed immense popularity in the Soviet Union, even though Soviet press in Cold War times would describe such a music as an attempt at spreading West's "imperialist pop culture.

Original Appalachian Artworks, which owns the brand rights to the Cabbage Patch Kids, has sold TV rights to Galen Walker, who is said to be developing an animated TV film special.The Cabbage Patch Kids were first created in 1978 by Xavier Roberts, before going into mass production four years later, when the original cloth faces were changed to plastic.