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His selection criterion has been that the account itself should be a valuable piece of prose, since "many stylish exploits have produced only mediocre accounts".Some of these writers explore the urge to adventure: climber Jon Krakauer provides a brilliant account of youthful foolishness recollected in tranquillity.

Assuming you had a spare £11,500, what better way to spend it than by taking out a full page magazine advert in praise of Celine Dion?Ms Dion is all set to play a series of shows at the Caesar's Palace hotel in Las Vegas, and the Douglases are agog with excitement.

Although I disagree with many of Rebekah Wade's opinions - in particular her "naming and shaming" of paedophiles as part of her Sarah's Law campaign - I agree with Lindsay Nicholson (Letters, January 18) that it's good to see a woman in the top job at the Sun.However, I find it depressing that, as the chairwoman of Women in Journalism, Nicholson is not able to comment on this appointment as a boost for all women in journalism without feeling it necessary to excuse Wade's likely continuation of Page 3 on the grounds that it is only "tame" and "old-fashioned" porn.

We have built a new Talk front page for our books talkboards, which sits alongside the latest discussions page.The new Talk front is designed to do three things: 1.

Jake Chapman My favourite book of the past year was Philosophy and the Adventure of the Virtual (Routledge) by Keith Ansell-Pearson.Stephen Fry I suppose because I just finished it, it is Paul Auster's The Book of Illusions (Faber).

Tim Roth does not look like a movie star, at least not according to Monte Carlo standards.Not all that surprising, Roth explains, since like The War Zone, "King Lear is also about a dysfunctional family.

Actually, despite the gloomy, elegiac tone, Mundy's overall contention is that this is a golden age and that 'publishing has never been better'.There is 'radical change ahead' and not all of it is looking good.

Murder in Mind 3: I'm writing two episodes for the series I created for the BBC.Magick : A new television series I've written for Jill Green, the producer to whom I'm also married.

I'm also reading Staying Alive, edited by Neil Astley (Bloodaxe, £10.Finally, I'm reading (slowly) Understanding Consciousness by Max Velmans (Routledge £17.

Some "stories", such as L'Altra Euridice , are straightforward monologues.From a musicological point of view, there was another attraction - Calvino's invention left Mozart's score untouched.

Although the Loafer notes that "film of" proves to be an elastic term - the screen version of Intimacy is, curiously, based on a short story in the collection Love in a Blue Time.More romping and less rowing, which might be the secret of its success - although not in America, where its blue content has sent distributors scurrying for cover.

Yes, that's page one of the Telegraph, folks, not page one of the Daily Star.Others claim he has taken to crooning, as he sweeps majestically through the Telegraph offices.