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Hollis JohnsonMcDonald's new $1, $2, $3 menu isn't living up to the hype.McDonald's has been promoting its new dollar menu replacement — the $1, $2, $3 menu — like crazy, and so far, it doesn't appear to be working out.

But then he stated something that really jumped out: He referred to Intuitive Surgical as an Internet-of-Things (IoT) company.That comment really stood out to me, because I haven't thought of Intuitive Surgical as an IoT play.

Many investors love owning dividend stocks as they pay shareholders real money at consistent intervals.But without eye-popping dividend yields, some great companies are overlooked, including The Hershey Co.

That's for good reason, since those two stocks rank among the top AI stocks on the market.com (NYSE: CRM), and Yext (NYSE: YEXT) are three stocks that should also benefit significantly from the AI revolution.

is ramping up airstrikes on al-Shabaab, which controls roughly 30% of the country Dec.ET MOGADISHU, Somalia—Maimed in the war between Somalia’s government and al Qaeda’s affiliate al-Shabaab, the patients of De Martino Hospital prefer not to talk about what happened to them.

Wyndham Lewis, just after the Royal Academy had rejected one of his portraits.Sir Howard Davies quoted Lewis last year as chairman of the Booker Prize committee, suggesting critics should maintain a less cosy relationship with their subjects.

But one man barely mentioned is Kandinsky - and new research shows he should be.A married Kandinsky met Gabriele Münter in 1902 while he was teaching an "evening nude" drawing course in Munich.

To mark the 10th anniversary of the children's laureateship, the current holder of the post, Michael Rosen, and his four predecessors - Anne Fine, Quentin Blake, Jacqueline Wilson and Michael Morpurgo - yesterday chose their favourite children's books.But we do not devour other people's book lists for insights into their taste or the influences that might have moulded them - no!

Modern British design is often not very good, she says.Because in Pick's day, public design was what mattered.

Eight talented British authors who haven't had the exposure they deserve are to get a boost with a new promotion next year called Fiction Uncovered.The focus will be on novels, short stories and graphic novels, with the winning titles chosen by a panel chaired by writer Giles Foden.

The book was made into a film starring Dustin Hoffman six years later, which is one reason why – despite being far from Berger's best novel – it remains his most famous.There is perhaps no better introduction to Berger's fiction than 1983's The Feud.

Though Russo has diversified somewhat with his latest two books, Bridge Of Sighs and That Old Cape Magic, 1997's Straight Man remains the anomaly in his backlist.He's perhaps best understood by his underconfident yet talented secretary/writing protegée, Rachel, with whom he shares Straight Man's most touching relationship.

Plenty of people write novels at the age of 28 – zeitgeisty novels, slight novels, novels locked in place by their precocious youth – but few write one with the scope and maturity of Eddie's Bastard by William Kowalski.When I finally read it, in two days flat, I hoped to find that Kowalski had written numerous other full-length works of fiction, each just as funny but without Eddie's Bastard's smattering of callow flaws.

It's with 1998's Cloudsplitter, though, that he works on his broadest canvas.The word is also a reference to Banks' intentions towards Brown.

It opens in the early 30s, during the Depression – a time of Flash Gordon comics, early phonographs, and whispered dread about Hitler – and ends with the astonishing radio-controlled cars and space age structures of the 1939 World's Fair in Flushing Meadow.In this way, it is a rare thing: a book that makes you miss the past and the future simultaneously.

It's perhaps less well known than his other big hippie novel, Drop City, but simultaneously more overblown and more satisfying.If The Tortilla Curtain – Boyle's excellent, raging 1995 novel about immigrants in contemporary California – is his Grapes Of Wrath, World's End is his East Of Eden.

According to their star Daniel Radcliffe, the Harry Potter films have been overlooked for next month's Oscars due to snobbery over commercial films.Speaking to the Radio Times, the 22-year-old actor said he was disappointed by the Academy's failure to honour the final instalment in the fantasy series, Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows: Part 2.

Last week, a major retrospective of Chris Killip's work opened in the Folkwang Museum in Essen, Germany.All worked predominantly in black-and-white and looked long and hard at the changing face of British society in the 1970s and 1980s.

Did the American TV producer David Milch read Pete Dexter's Deadwood before creating the 2004 HBO drama of the same name?He has also criticised the TV Deadwood – a show that once featured 63 "F" words in one episode – for its unrealistic overuse of swearing.

Just as top sport coaches are often top because they're better at teaching sport than playing it, great editors don't often write great books.When JD Salinger was looking for a trusted first reader for the manuscript of A Catcher in the Rye, he chose Maxwell.