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That’s more than any other airport that operates a single runway has ever handled over a 24-hour period.Like airports in London, New York, Dubai, and other world aviation hubs, Mumbai has more than one runway.

There are still plenty of questions about Tesla's (TSLA) new Semi, but there is no doubt it is innovative and represents a number of firsts for the trucking industry, says one analyst.The need for many of the Semi truck's unique features has been questioned by analysts and others in the industry.

I had to do dozens of surveys and competitions, put in my mobile number, and it didn't even boost my score.The thing is, now I'm being spammed probably about 20 times a day.

Then set up automatic forwarding on the server to your cell phone's text message address.Recommended response method (for best security) would be via web-mail, which you can do from your phone's web browser, or by voice from a school phone or with blocked caller ID.

Well, not actually the doctor, but a professor of journalism who includes in his courses classes in remedial maths for journalists.Divided by 12 this gives, to the nearest whole number, 78.

On their way to a Mayfair nightclub, underworld boss Freddie Mays (David Thewlis) has given his lieutenant Gangster (Paul Bettany) his tiepin, emblazoned with the initials "FM".Meanwhile, in a backstage dressing room, the nightclub owner turns to hostesses Mel and Karen (Saffron Burrows).

• Hannibal reigned supreme at the US box office for the second weekend running, pulling in a hefty $30m (£20.5m (£12m) and the kids romp Recess: School's Out came in third with $10.

This year's Baftas appear likely to welcome the largest turnout ever of Hollywood stars to Britain's top film awards ceremony.According to Variety, the American actors at Sunday's ceremony will include Tom Hanks, Hilary Swank, Kate Hudson and Joaquin Phoenix, plus Australian superstars Russell Crowe and Geoffrey Rush.

The Working Title film starring Renee Zellweger as the neurotic, 30-something singleton, opened at number three last weekend in the US (see earlier story) but during it's second week of release, took an estimated $10.5m, pushing the family-friendly Spy Kids starring Antonio Banderes from the number one slot.

It seemed a safe bet that it would not be long before someone came up with Freud's telephone number and sure enough someone has.Sigmund, you may remember from this column last week, when 43 was allotted the Vienna telephone number 14362.

They didn't seem to hold out much hope for Deserter's Songs, as they had titled the record, and you could hardly blame them.His speaking voice is deeper than the airy Neil Young-meets-Van Dyke Parks falsetto that graces Mercury Rev's music, but it still has a sing-songy, almost camp lilt to it.

Life was good, until De La Soul's naive melodies were gradually run out of town by playground bullies in the form of rap's gun-toting gangstas.The second instalment of the AOI triptych (following last year's Mosaic Thump) is funkier and harder than old hits such as The Magic Number, but still a step apart from most hip-hop.

Cameron Crowe's adaptation of the Spanish film Abre Los Ojos (Open Your Eyes) cost $60m (£41m).In it, Cruise plays a womanising media tycoon who is severely disfigured in a car crash.

The actor, a prominent Republican, is back at the top of the US box office after his controversial new release Collateral Damage earned a respectable $15.1m on its opening weekend.

Roughly 1,000 manufacturing jobs will be lost this week.At least this is the theory doing the rounds among City headhunters: redundancy is good for you.

I had done a little bit of modelling, but I had no aspirations of being an actor; I was still like, "Oh, I'll be a vet when I grow up and I'll help sick animals.I think I'm kind of a work in progress.