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CÚCUTA, Colombia—Hundreds of thousands of Venezuelans are fleeing their country’s misery and pouring across borders into nearby countries, particularly Colombia, creating a sharpening challenge for the region.As the collapse of Venezuela’s economy deepens, the number of those fleeing is accelerating.

While DIS stock generates tons of revenue overseas at this point, Disney’s roots are in America.InvestorPlace - Stock Market News, Stock Advice & Trading TipsNow, however, DIS stock is faltering.

Although Peel reaches the milestone in August, BBC Radio 1 is already celebrating with a week of gigs, featuring major names in low-key venues.After a spot of Peelean drollness about the Improv hosting the finals of the World Stripping Championship the night before, Harvey diffidently stepped up.

The humanitarian sentiment may be right-on, but the New Ambassadors theatre is charging £14 for a ticket to the one-hour show.But as a longtime Cohen fan, I'll come to the show anyway.

What swayed Phil Archer's aching heart was not fiscal good sense, or the emotional pull of his other children wanting their share of the inheritance.When David and Ruth's good news came ("Aw Dee-vidd," cooed Ruth), even Elizabeth joined in, though through clenched teeth.

Jack Nicholson yesterday said that he played the most miserable role of his life in the Cannes shortlisted tragi-comedy About Schmidt.Yesterday, the actor told journalists in Cannes that he had not enjoyed playing Warren Schmidt in the film.

Plenty of folky singer-songwriters have a reputation for making introspective, melancholy music, but none quite like Smith's.To some critics he was Mr Misery - a pun on Miss Misery, the song from the soundtrack of Good Will Hunting for which he was Oscar-nominated in 1998.

This remains the dramatic impulse in John Byrne's Uncle Varick (Radio 3), a new version of Uncle Vanya that moves the bitter sense of impending doom to northeast Scotland in the mid-60s.That shift, at least in this adaptation for radio, both embellishes and diminishes Chekhov.

The rest consisted of two classic episodes, an in-depth interview with Ray Galton and Alan Simpson, and Stone Me!, a fascinating documentary tracing Hancock's early career.

99) It is odd how often you hear otherwise sensitive, literate people say that they don't like short stories.I had not actually read any of Richard Yates's work before, but it was pressed upon me; and I am immensely grateful for it.

Leaving Las Vegas, Mike Figgis; Sweet Sixteen, Ken Loach; Strange Fruit, Billie Holiday; This Is the End, by the Doors.metroisbetter Badly made art is far more depressing than any work that deals with the grimmer side of life.

I think we should consider - Mum   I don't want a new build you know that.You know what I want, know what I want and still you go ahead - Dad    I was just curious about the possibility.