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ET One of the Philippines’ richest men is seeking to raise as much as $3 billion through a proposed share sale of San Miguel Corp.The conglomerate, which owns the country’s most popular beer brand and other businesses, has hired J.

Can the Brits dance tango?Argentine tango was created by immigrants in Buenos Aires dancehalls.

Certain of his works suggest an intimacy with the university at Salamanca but there is no evidence that he studied there.Tradition has it that Cervantes and Shakespeare died on St George's Day, 1616.

Historians and archaeologists plan to reveal the true face of the author of Don Quixote of La Mancha, Miguel de Cervantes, as they embark on a quest to find the lost bones of one of western literature's key writers.The bones may also reveal whether Cervantes, who is believed to have died of cirrhosis and was accused by rivals of being a notorious tippler, drank himself into the grave.

In 2006 he was awarded Chile's national prize for literature.The son of an army colonel, José Miguel joined the Chilean Communist party as a young man and was a central committee member for many years.

Facebook Twitter Pinterest Reading on mobile?A former child star whose father/manager encouraged him to watch videos of Elvis Presley, he is called El Sol de Mexico ("the sun of Mexico").

Lyrically, too, he's trying to stretch himself beyond the parameters of what he calls "your typical R&B dude".Candles In The Sun, for example, deals with "babies on crack", "white-collared war crime" and "mindless bureaucracy hindering government aid" while asking whether a God is watching over us.

After landing on some audience members, Miguel may be landing in court.But the pair seemed to be on good terms: "I 'Adorn' him," she quipped.

R&B singer Miguel was arrested early on Thursday morning under suspicion of drink-driving.The artist spent about 90 minutes in jail after being stopped by police in a seaside district of Los Angeles.

”), there’s also the matter of her forthcoming second album, Tough Love, a mix of refined soul and crystalline pop.Cocooned in a loving relationship and on the cusp of marriage, she seems blissfully happy, yet Tough Love is littered with broken relationships.

After a leaked album, months of apparent inactivity, and rumours of collaborations, now the enigmatic London-based producer Jai Paul has added another layer of intrigue with an Instagram picture of himself alongside his brother AK Paul and R&B star Miguel in the studio.Despite that, it caught the attention of fans and apparently Miguel, who met up with Paul and AK while touring in the UK.

’ formed in tacks,” forensic anthropologist Francisco Etxeberria, who is leading the search, told a news conference on Monday.Using infrared cameras, 3D scanners and ground-penetrating radar, they identified 33 alcoves where bones could be stored.