Results for Tag "medicine"

Results for Tag "medicine"

Last night I attended the prize ceremony for the inaugural Wellcome Trust book prize, awarded to "outstanding works of fiction and non-fiction on the theme of health, illness or medicine".Tallis opted for Mann's The Magic Mountain, which "brilliantly fictionalises medicine, the thrill of science, and the mystery of the human body.

So, if you fancy writing a Clip joint (and payment will be involved, of course), please email the film site editor for more details on catherine.And remember, you can always check what topics have already been covered by consulting the Clip joint archive.

Meeting these four some seven years after they last worked together is a reminder of how singular Blur's mix of personalities always was.It was like, 'Well, I know you've gone into rehab, but you didn't even fucking tell me.

David Cotterrell kept a diary of his experiences while embedded with the British Army in Helmand province.In it he documented his concerns for the soldiers, the tragedies he witnessed and his ambivalence about his role as an official war artist.

You wouldn't think that medicine and the arts have an awful lot in common, but two years ago director Suzy Willson of the Clod Ensemble set up Performing Medicine, a programme of public events using the arts to provide training to medical students and healthcare professionals.Now Performing Medicine is a season of conversations, performances and workshops taking place across London.

Nam June Paik in front of a video art wall displaying his face.composer and video artist Nam June Paik's Zen for Film.

Photograph: Fred Dufour/AFP Just as it looked like the war of words between Spike Lee and Clint Eastwood was dying down, someone chucks in a grenade.In an interview with The Guardian the following week, Clintwood hit back, growling that Lee was hazy on his history and should "shut his face".

I was drawn to this film by an astounding statistic: San Francisco has the lowest proportion of African-American residents of any major US city.Unfortunately, that proved to be the most interesting thing about this movie.

THE CORAL Magic & Medicine (Deltasonic) When the Coral first reeled out of Liverpool two years ago, it was to astonished double-takes.And then there's the directness of young male love: 'Do I love you?

The lovely eight-bar tune, floating over a two-chord sequence, demonstrates Collier's characteristic knack for creating and sustaining a mood from minimal materials.Remarkably, Peterson has played all these ancient tracks on his Radio 1 show, alongside the house, techno and hip-hop.

Chekhov said: 'Literature is my mistress, but medicine is my lawful wedded wife'.I'd never want to abandon medicine as Somerset Maugham did.