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Budget proposal would let Medicare beneficiaries contribute to health savings accounts.Retiree healthcare costs could hit $275,000 per couple, excluding long-term care expenses.

Some Medicare beneficiaries would face higher prescription drug costs under President Donald Trump’s budget even as the sickest patients save money.Trump has made bringing down drug costs a top priority, but his administration's plan would create winners and losers.

President Donald Trump's new budget proposal calls for another effort to repeal Obamacare.President Donald Trump 's budget proposal released Monday calls for yet another effort to repeal Obamacare.

Choose Medicare Advantage over MedigapMedigap plans are a sort of aftermarket add-on for original Medicare.Thus, choosing Medicare Advantage over Medigap should reduce your Medicare premiums.

How to go back to original MedicareThe current opportunity for Medicare Advantage participants is called the Medicare Advantage Disenrollment Period.1, those who are part of a Medicare Advantage plan have the ability to leave their plan and switch back to traditional Medicare.

Your Medicare initial enrollment window would open Feb.Step two: Choose Medicare Advantage or MedigapBasic Medicare doesn't cover all your healthcare needs, so to supplement it, most retirees choose either a Medicare Advantage plan (aka Medicare Part C) or a Medigap plan.

You can choose to apply for Medicare only or to apply for both Social Security and Medicare at the same time.If you prefer, you can call the SSA or visit a Social Security office in your area to sign up for Medicare.

In fact, 62% of current retirees lean on Social Security for at least half of their monthly income, according to the Social Security Administration (SSA).View photosDice sitting next to a piece of paper that reads, Will Your Social Security Be Enough?

This was the last piece of the puzzle needed to calculate how much of a raise Social Security beneficiaries would receive in 2018.That was a welcome sight, considering the recent history of high single-digit and double-digit inflation for Medicare Part B.

How much does Medicare Part B cost?There is also a means test that requires some people to pay higher premiums for their Part B coverage.

Specifically, Medicare sets its premiums, deductibles, coinsurance payments, and other expenses based in part on its own cost experience.Let's look at some of the changes that will take effect for Medicare in 2018.

For many retired Americans, Social Security is probably the most important social program.That's less than four decades away, and it's a function of medical care expenses rising at a quicker pace than Social Security's annual cost-of-living adjustment.

As both candidate and president, Donald Trump promised not to cut either Medicaid or Medicare, the government health-insurance programs for the poor and the elderly.The Republican party’s tax reform proposal, however, looks set to break that promise.

Senate Republicans may face a political problem in the final push for their tax-cut plan, and they might need Democrats to help fix it.5 trillion tax-cut proposal would trigger $25 billion in automatic spending cuts next year to Medicare, plus another $111 billion in reductions to other programs, including farm subsidies.

Here's a basic rundown:Medicare Part A covers hospitals, nursing facilities, and home health services.That's why you'll need to research your costs thoroughly before making a decision.

Not reevaluating your Medicare Part D plan each yearOne of the most important components of Medicare is the prescription drug program, known as Medicare Part D.Automatically enrolling in your spouse's Medicare Part D plan You might think it would be simpler for you and your spouse to choose the same Medicare Part D plan.

Dow Jones, a News Corp companyNews Corp is a network of leading companies in the worlds of diversified media, news, education, and information services Shire sues Allergan over its contracts with Part D plans for Restasis dry-eye drug Updated Oct.2, 2017 1:36 p.

Cannon had never been formally admitted there as an inpatient, so under federal rules, Medicare would not pay for her nursing home stay.The text of the standard “Medicare outpatient observation notice” is subject to approval by the White House Office of Management and Budget.