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“That means big things to myself,” del Potro said after the win.Photo Del Potro hitting a return to Schwartzman during del Potro’s three-set victory.

He could not make it past the first round, and when it was over, both he and his conqueror, Juan Martín del Potro, were in tears on court for very different reasons in Rio de Janeiro.“I think this victory, it’s more big for me because I know my present,” del Potro said.

Since the Olympics do not factor into a player’s ranking, del Potro received no bump from his victories in Rio de Janeiro.141, which was why he needed a wild card for the Open.

That means Wal-Mart has to hire 12,000 employees each week just to keep the stores fully staffed.What could Wal-Mart do to change that and become a better employer?

It is hard to describe the slippery quality of Martín Kohan's Spanish.The two novels of his that I've translated, Seconds Out and School for Patriots, work on at least two levels.

I'm still flat out on my bed, smoking, thinking, staring up at the ceiling as if it was a sky.I wonder if it's true or I'm just confused.

The controversy over Kanye West's album artwork has deepened, with a major US retailer denying it ever banned it.He took to Twitter and declared: "Yoooo they banned my album cover!

Highway To Hell still makes the shortlist for both the world's greatest riff and most irresistible chorus.The album that spawned it displayed "schoolboy" guitarist Angus Young sporting horns and a tail.

Retailing giant Wal-Mart made its move into the online movie download market yesterday, launching a beta version of its online video store that will sell digital versions of about 3,000 films and television episodes.Although its film offerings span all the major studios, Wal-Mart's television fare will not initially include content from ABC, CBS or NBC, although it will have content from Fox Broadcasting.

This is a very Canadian type of dissidence - a direct response to being culturally overwhelmed by America.JPod is without a doubt his strongest, best-observed novel since Microserfs, to which it is a kind of sequel.

Robert Greenwald's new documentary has not even opened but fur is already flying: at a New York screening of Wal-Mart: The High Cost of Low Price two days ago, a consultant for the American retailing behemoth was accused of trying to secretly record the film and ejected from the cinema.After a confrontation in the lobby, Greenwald threw Marino out.

From toilet rolls to bread rolls, the warehouse store has built its reputation on providing its customers with the basics of modern life at rock-bottom prices.But on Wednesday the American company, which has branches in Britain, did something to shake off its utilitarian image: it sold an original Picasso drawing for $39,999 (£21,350).

To the reforming realist generation of the 1950s, including such writers as her ex-husband Rafael Sánchez Ferlosio and Ignacio Aldecoa, Martín Gaite added a particular sense of psychological depth.For Martín Gaite was a writer of rare principle.