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Nigel Parsons, the head of al-Jazeera International, said it was proving difficult to persuade US cable companies to give the channel space on their platforms.But Mr Parsons, who will head the new channel, said the US barriers were commercial rather than political.

5m (£834,000) to $6m (£3.3m).

Then they called the Catalan Claixto Bieito's production of Mozart's Don Giovanni a "crude, anti-musical farrago", a "coke-fuelled fellatio fest", a "new nadir in the vulgar abuse of a masterpiece", and a "horrendous evening".Audiences booed; open letters to ENO's bosses were published in newspapers, and a full-blown scandal erupted.

· How high in price and prestige a book may inexplicably rise, how far and fast it may fall!Sixty pence was more like money in 1996 but even in those days insufficient for two seats at the Opera and a packet of fags.

Toronto's Kensington Market is much like any market in any metropolis.It has a couple butchers, a couple bakers, a couple cheese mongers, a couple fish mongers and various stores that sell vintage corduroy pants and t-shirts with reprints of The Clash album covers on them.

Last week in New York Mr Wynn bought John Singer Sargent's 1885 portrait Robert Louis Stevenson and his Wife.Cattelan, in particular, astonished some seasoned art sales observers when his 1996 Ballad of Trotsky sold for $2.

Lord of the Rings fans are being offered the chance to buy their own corner of Middle Earth - as long as they have £1.5m to spare.

He has described himself as 'hip-hop's homosexual Jackie Robinson', a reference to the black baseball player who broke through the game's racial barriers.But it also comes at a moment when one of the Republican party's most senior members has equated homosexuality with incest and bigamy.

In Spitalfields market, there is, as yet, no All Bar One, no Gap and no Starbucks.The massive hulk of the Broadgate office development looms over the roofs of the market like Godzilla.

Most of the "authentic" objects in this field are functional, rather than decorative.These household objects "didn't really become a souvenir market until the late 20th century," according to Kenneth W Goings, a professor at Memphis University and author of Mammy and Uncle Mose: Black Collectibles and American Stereotyping.

The time has come to stop writing the obituary of regional theatre.The Mercury's new chief executive, Dee Evans, talked about the theatre's "do or die", artistically led policy.

Don's Plum, the 1995 film that Titanic star Leonardo DiCaprio and Tobey Maguire went to court in an attempt to block its release, is finally on the verge of cinema distribution.But earlier this year, Danish director Lars von Trier's Zentropa studio snapped up the pic for international distribution.

That's pushed the volume of meat sent to what was once the nation's biggest export market to a record low last month, AgriHQ says.Across the months of July and August, New Zealand frozen lamb exports to the UK were down 32 per cent on a year ago and were 38 per cent behind the five year average, AgriHQ said.

Santos and its joint venture partners at the Gladstone LNG project in Queensland have agreed to divert about 30 petajoules of gas to the domestic market, in an effort to stave off government export curbs.The gas, which would have been exported, will instead be sold to customers on the east coast over 2018 and 2019, Santos said.

The auction clearance rate nationally reached 71.1 per cent in the week to Sunday, August 27, preliminary figures from property data group Corelogic show.