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Results for Tag "making"

My interview with the Film Council's chief executive officer, John Wood ward, will do little to reassure them.Big films are more likely to go wide and repay the money put into them, it's as simple as that.

Industry magazine Screen daily reports that his film, about China during the time of Japanese occupation, has been judged to be 'insufficiently patriotic' by the Chinese authorities.According to news agency reports, Wen's film is said to undermine his country because it "seriously distorts Chinese history".

Peter O'Toole's face fills the frame of the director's monitor and the familiar blue eyes seem as cold and unwelcoming as Christmas at a Siberian nudist camp.Meanwhile, JJ's doctor tells him he is dying.

Sellars, too, played a crucial part in the work's genesis.Richard Nixon's platitudes and his transparent ambition to use the PR, pre-Watergate, to get himself re-elected for a second term, is counterpointed with the doddering Chairman Mao's endless stream of metaphors.

I lied and said, "Yes, Wiggly.Tuesday, April 4 The Ludlows held a welcome home from prison party for Vince tonight.

Milcho Manchevski is back behind the camera, five years after winning the Golden Lion at Venice for his first film, Before the Rain.Starring Joseph Fiennes (Shakespeare in Love), Dust sounds like an ambitious and intriguing undertaking.

Mark Wahlberg says that he did not particularly mean for any of this to happen.If I'd done that, I tell him, I'd want to live on my own forever.

Mark Wahlberg likes to portray the dramatic turning away from a life of selfish mischief as something which finally occurred during his spell in jail.When I mention this to Donnie, he pauses, then says, thoughtfully, 'It wasn't dramatic or instant at all.

The film's funniest running joke revolves around the incomprehension that greets Stamp's antiquated rhyming slang.After Kafka 'he coasted for a long time' on the phenomenal success of sex, lies and videotape.

Millennium Man - athlete, aesthete, scientist and explorer of inner space; it's not Bionic Man or the Million Man, nor a living Fanfare to the Common Man.So there's a man in there all right: Antony Gormley, Man of Vectors, Millennium Man.

All was revealed in What Granny Did In The War (Hidden Love, C4), an evocative and touching film by Emma Willis and Leanne Klein which rolled back the years to the dangerous romance of the war.Shortly afterwards, she met Vic, an RAF pilot, and thought she'd found everlasting love.

Cardboard cut-out Eiffel Towers and porn stars flying into a cardboard cut-out dustcart which trundles into a cardboard cut-out sunset.It's like making a car or beer ad.

I think it is this purposeful nature of Rembrandt's work in all its forms which pulls me to it.They fell in love and Geertghe Dircx, Rembrandt's jealous housekeeper and bedwarmer, sued for a broken troth, accusing Hendrickje Stoffels of 'practising whoredom with the painter Rembrandt'.

The family with the most points at the end gets to go for the prizes.As you'd expect.

Gary Lewis plays Joe's best friend, Shanks.George did the music for Ken's last three films: Ladybird, Ladybird, Land and Freedom and Carla's Song.

At the reception, attended by, among others, friends and family of the filmmakers as well as several of the film's subjects, nearly everyone seemed shaken.In one corner, Lola Van Wagenen, the mother of James Redford, the film's producer, was huddled with her two daughters.

But should you lambast dear, dear Ken for trying his luck with An Accent under this woman's tutelage?If you really, really want Branagh, write into the script that he's English but working in the Deep South.