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High court to decide whether U.ET WASHINGTON—The Supreme Court on Friday said it would hear an antitrust case involving price fixing by Chinese vitamin C makers, agreeing to decide whether U.

While Americans have been promised a future of electric cars that can drive themselves, dealer showrooms are going back in time, as auto makers launch a slate of roomy off-roaders with nostalgia-inducing names.Ford’s Bronco, the bulky SUV, is returning to the market in 2020, ending a nearly quarter-century hiatus.

Toyota Motor Corp.’s choice of Alabama as the new home for a shared factory with Mazda Motor Corp.

A potential merger between Qualcomm and Broadcom would create the world’s third-largest chip company Jan.ET Two large Chinese smartphone manufacturers said they are against the potential merger of chip giants Broadcom Ltd.

Here's which drugs should be the biggest of all -- and how you can profit from the companies that make them.If ozanimod eventually wins approval for all three indications, it could become Celgene's next megablockbuster in a few years.

For years U.Which explains why China is increasingly looking to reduce its disastrous pollution levels by curbing steel production.

ET Automakers and popular ride-hailing apps aren’t the only companies looking to cash in on the shift to electric and self-driving vehicles.Manufacturing giant 3M Co.

25, 2017 9:00 a.ET Cryptocurrencies have been a winning bet this year, but the chip makers who play a key role in the market are still playing their hands very cautiously.

Now a wave of retiring baby boomers and a surprisingly young new fan base have sent U.When things go badly for the economy, they go very badly for RV makers.

Big oil companies and giant auto makers are teaming up to preserve the internal combustion engine, as tough regulation and electric vehicles put the car industry’s century-old technology at risk., BP PLC, Royal Dutch Shell PLC and other oil companies are spending millions of dollars a year in concert with auto makers like Ford Motor Co.

Car makers are pouring billions of dollars into electric-vehicle programs to meet coming emissions rules designed to combat global warming.But the effort may not be enough to satisfy regulators in Europe.

Proposal to tighten origin requirements for auto parts threatens to upend supply chains in Mexico Nov.9, 2017 7:00 a.

7, 2017 11:05 a.ET Mallinckrodt may not be the best-behaved company in the drug industry, but investors in all pharmaceutical makers should take notice of Tuesday’s nasty stock slide.

Dow Jones, a News Corp companyNews Corp is a network of leading companies in the worlds of diversified media, news, education, and information services ‘Branded generics’—off-patent medicine given a brand name and marketing more typical of a patented drug—do especially well in emerging markets Oct.ET One of Abbott’s latest drug launches is a fruit-flavored gummy bear containing a laxative for children with sluggish bowels.

ET Auto makers are rediscovering steel.’s Pacifica van, Honda Motor Co.

Move over millennials: Today’s smartphone-obsessed teens, Generation Z, are the consumers of the future.Worryingly for liquor producers, they’re shaping up to be an antisocial lot.