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The Gold Rush, Freaks), and if they are preparing a new edition they will have little hesitation in putting Chicken Run into the top category.The camp's escape officer is Ginger (voiced by Julia Sawalha in the manner of her imperturbable Saffie in Absolutely Fabulous) and the movie begins with a lively montage of ingenious escape attempts.

Just keep going on if you're Arnold Schwarzenegger and Harrison Ford.The Terminator is back and Indiana Jones is coming too.

After insisting in recent years that he'd never make T3, the Austrian man-mountain now says, "I like the idea, but it's not only me.In an interview with Access Hollywood, Arnie says he hopes Cameron will change his mind: "A script is being written as we speak and it's a film that Jim will definitely produce.

As Walton said "You come out of it very 'Hey!It was Tracey's relationship with The Major which proved most successful.

That goes double if you're not only made out to be good-looking, but brave and crusading as well.Meanwhile, the only reason Brandon Teena, the transgender hero of Boys Don't Cry, can't threaten to sue anyone is because he's dead.

Then I realised: the nostalgia wasn't for punk, it was for an era, recently deceased, when music - any music - created shock, confusion and outrage.No, it's bored - or maybe, at a push, amused; but it's laughing at the person wearing the T-shirt, not with them.

But don't try to write it in the style of Seamus Heaney, and don't assume the rest of us want to read it.Who gets up in the morning and thinks, 'Today I will Invest In A Fruit Bowl', or perhaps 'Find Wonder In All I Do'?

They've arrived at this conclusion by pure intuition.I ask them if it's down to something I've told them or first-hand evidence, and they say no, it's just something they can sense.

Yet, fat and thin alike, they all have one thing in common: they like Star Trek.In Britain we're skinnier.

It's a task that can be fairly achievable in the daytime, pre- and post- peak schedule.Look across the terrestrial channels, and it's basically a match of like for like.

Is it a comedy, or is it a quiz, Channel 4 asks us.We're used to the blatantly contrived dialogues which allow even the most stilted of contestants to raise a laugh from the well oiled studio audience.

What better place for him to make a comeback than the street where 40 years ago breathing his name was enough to get a person black-listed?To be accurate, Marx was there only as the subject of Randy Newman's song The World Isn't Fair.

Natasha Lyonne First noticed being mediocre in Woody Allen's Everyone Says I Love You.Chloe Sevigny Post-Last Days Of Disco, and no longer Mia to director Harmony Korine's Woody Allen, but a bona fide movie star.

Pop goes the movies Hush Hush's desperation that the great and the good of Britpop, Cool Britannia, etc, involve themselves in the nation's cinema is no secret: witness our efforts to get Posh Spice cast in the latest Bond.PS: regular Hush Hush readers - hi Mum!

Frost regularly attacked the probity of home secretary Henry Brooke, who was dubbed by the show 'probably the most hated man in Britain', though Frost's condemnation usually ended with a cod correction: 'Seriously, though, he's doing a grand job.Rory Bremner's satire inhabits a similar world and few MPs would be upset to be his butt.