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Her book, Something I’ve Been Dying to Tell You, sold 37,118 copies, according to sales monitors Nielsen Book, making it to No 4 in the chart.A report in the Bookseller magazine said sales of biographies and autobiographies had fallen by almost 4% this year.

7 The Costa award category winners are announced – best novel, first novel, biography, poetry collection and children's book.Ryan's new novel is set in rural Ireland a decade earlier, when the Celtic Tiger was still raging.

No doubt there will be others who deplore a missed opportunity to promote new fiction and who raise that old, incendiary cry of The American Novel In Danger.In 1977, the Pulitzer jury also chose to snub the contemporary American novel and declined to award a prize in the fiction category.

So the Edinburgh international book festival has a new director: Nick Barley.He told the Diary he was keen to break up the old festival formula and aims to take a strongly editorial approach to the programme, creating thematic strands addressing the way writers reflect the world.

Around us are shelves stacked with Moroccan jewellery, Nepali scarves, belly-dancing outfits ("very tinkly").The books are the reason I'm here in Sedbergh, the sturdy Cumbrian market town that has, for the past three years, been England's official Book Town.

But there is one great novelist who frequently does make fine theatre: Dostoevsky.But what is it about Dostoevsky that makes his work great theatre?

Mike Chaney Chairman, Friends of Puddletown Library Where are these dull, boring, moribund libraries we keep hearing about?Not here in the Welsh Marches, either side of the border, where even quite small towns have a bright, well-stocked, friendly - and well-used - public library.

I too, dislike it," said Marianne Moore in her 1935 poem "Poetry".But Moore's "Poetry" goes on to say what poetry can give.

Steve Caplin and Simon Rose, authors of last year's bestseller, Dad Stuff, have this year written Stuff the Turkey: How to Survive Christmas with your Family, which deals not only with Christmas but with its well-intentioned hinterland.Here's our guide to some of the best 730-page books.

Monica Ali I've spent far too much time this year reading kitchen books.I have adopted the novel's last sentence as a response to politics, most other books I read, and almost all the films I see.

This book, however, is written and organised in a way that consolidates a lot of common sense and helpful approaches to making life work.She recommends two books in particular to people hoping to become successful entrepreneurs while still ensuring that they enjoy life to the full.

By this token - and also by normal rational deduction - my favourite cookery text is Jane Grigson's Vegetable Book.Unless a cookbook is nothing more than a collection of plagiarisms, a sense of its author's personality will inevitably come through.

Nissan's new Leaf electric car goes further on a charge, is equipped with autonomous drive technology and single-pedal driving, but it remains to be seen if it will catch on with anyone other than the most zealously green-minded.That's up from up to 280 kilometres for current Leaf models.