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43%)Sign upSubscribe to Yahoo Finance's Morning Brief NewsletterTop headlines and a preview of the day ahead.Fox Business Videos•March 13, 2018Former Trump campaign manager Corey Lewandowski discusses whether Republican Rick Saccone is a weak candidate and Democrat Conor Lamb’s current lead in the polls.

“At home you cook by feel, so dishes come out different every time,” he said.“And there’s something great about imperfection.

When chef Julia Sullivan moved home to Nashville after eight years in New York City, the local food scene was booming.“There were lots of new restaurants in warehouses with exposed bricks and beams and poured cement,” she said.

That's pushed the volume of meat sent to what was once the nation's biggest export market to a record low last month, AgriHQ says.Across the months of July and August, New Zealand frozen lamb exports to the UK were down 32 per cent on a year ago and were 38 per cent behind the five year average, AgriHQ said.

On Posh Johnny's farm, they did country things, met country people and thought country thoughts ("I am absolutely plagued with rabbits").After that, it was off to hunt the aforementioned plague of rabbits, followed by a bit of bottle-feeding: not Clarissa wielding a bottle of milk over a nappy-clad Posh Johnny, but Clarissa feeding a little lamb.

Sheila Holland, or Charlotte Lamb as she was known to her millions of readers, did much to dispel the anachronistic image that the Mills & Boon novel was full of alpha-male heroes - dashing, a little cruel - and heroines sweet as Snow White who only came alive with a hard, passionate kiss.She wrote a few more for Hale (under both her married and maiden names) before her first novel as Charlotte Lamb, Follow a Stranger, was published by Mills & Boon in 1973.

Speculation was already way, way beyond the realms of the lesbian fansites and Foster's gayness was about as close to a fact as Hollywood usually gets.unsure, struggling to figure it all out,' Foster confided at the awards, seeming to invite offers of help.

Fans who remember promises to 'reinvent the wheel' on Coldplay's last trip to the studio (or was it the one before?It's so hard to be certain) may well detect a circular theme developing in Martin's revolutionary rhetoric.

Well, this year's New Faces of 2009 roundups have kept that mood alive till well into the middle of January.I'm not just talking about the suitably celestial endgame of the X Factor Hallelujah scenario.

And it's with devil sign on hand that I turn, this month, towards a trio of blushing metal debutantes.But it's the concluding interview with Ephel Duath's Davide Tiso that supplies this excellent magazine's best moments.

Anyone who thought nudity had lost the power to shock has not seen the cover of April's fROOTS.Draped artfully around the lower-case headline "it's ethno boy band mania!

I think perhaps "a vendetta" works as well as any.The second was Barney Hoskyns (tireless pursuer of Tom Waits, and curator of the Rock's Backpages website).

Of the several magazines cited approvingly in last month's despatch for "exulting in the possibilities of the artefact", one (the bulky American fanzine Skyscraper) had gone web-only before our now metaphorical ink was even dry.Another – Plan B – took just a few days longer to announce that its June issue would be its last.

A point not lost on George Lamb during last night's intriguingly-titled documentary Can I Get High Legally?Armed only with a laptop and a wardrobe designed to offset his charcoal locks, Gorgeous George set about discovering if the drug substitutes available on the high street are as harmless as they seem.

To those wending their way sorrowfully to Steven Wells's last published article in the aftermath of his recent death, the fact that his final online posting for Philadelphia Weekly ended with a quote from Michael Jackson ("Me?Fervent, Smiths fan-baiting carnivore that he was, Steven Wells's lurid imagination would certainly have found something to laugh about in the idea of himself as the meat in a Farrah Fawcett/Michael Jackson sandwich.