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signed a 15-year liquefied natural gas import deal with Royal Dutch Shell Plc to help the oil exporting nation meet growing domestic energy demand.The sales purchasing agreement with Shell International Trading Middle East Ltd.

Accusations of corruption have put Europe’s largest plane and helicopter maker in regulators crosshairs Dec.20, 2017 2:57 p.

More from Bloomberg.The Saudi-led bloc has demanded that Qatar shut down Al Jazeera television, refrain from backing Islamist groups and scale back relations with Tehran.

An information ministry official from the Arab state, which was invaded by Iraq in 1990, said it could not show a movie that was disrespectful of an allied country."We have a law that prohibits insulting friendly nations, and ties between Kuwait and Saudi Arabia are special," Abdul-Aziz Bou Dastour, cinema and production supervisor at the Kuwaiti information ministry, told Associated Press.

Folded into quarters, and with several apparently tell-tale words inked on the back, the canvas appeared to have been stolen from the Museum of Kuwait.It was also marked "louvre" – in lower case – and bore several stamps from the Parisian museum.

In a spacious but frugal office in Kuwait, a glossy catalogue lists the dozens of reasons why Kuwait and Iraq are still at daggers drawn after all these years.To Iraq's wealthy southern neighbour though, neither 20 years nor the time after Saddam has diminished the desire to reclaim what was lost.

This week, a reported 568 publishers are at the Kuwait international book fair, where readers, publishers, and writers are fighting back – and winning small gains – against a growing censoriousness.UAE launches new law to 'make reading a daily habit' Read more The Kuwaiti fair is an outlier in the Middle East, where book fairs have traditionally been a free space.

It is 9am and the temperature in Kuwait City is 45C and rising, but already people working outside.Facebook Twitter Pinterest The sun sets over a highway in Kuwait City.

The decision does not apply to the airline’s three weekly nonstop flights between Kennedy International Airport in New York and Kuwait City.When he tried to buy a ticket online, Kuwait Airways’ booking system did not allow the transaction because of Mr.

Even before the lawsuit was filed, for example, an MP from district four, where Thekra had done so well, announced that women in the parliament "must" wear a headscarf.That opponents of women's rights are reduced to making wardrobe attacks is partly a reflection of the quality and diversity of these new MPs.

A former foreign minister, Sabah was not the crown prince when the then emir, Sheikh Jaber, died in 2006.The death created a dynastic crisis, as the crown prince Sheikh Sa'ad was too ill to take the oath.

The next morning, my lawyers appealed the public prosecution's decision before a judge.A few days before my imprisonment, I had participated in the largest demonstration in Kuwait's history – approximately 100,000 people attended.

In France, in Tunisia, in Kuwait – horror upon horror, in a single day.But what we saw today confirms that “the problem of evil” is not a historical question.

Photographers in Kuwait are facing a ban on the use of larger digital cameras in public places, according to a local media report.Three government ministries in the Gulf state have outlawed the use of "digital SLR" (single lens reflex) cameras in public for all citizens except accredited journalists, according to the Kuwait Times.

“He was the best employee we ever had,” the former boss said of the then 21-year-old.The former boss added that, after a stellar probation period, the Briton disappeared completely in April 2010 after a trip to London.

Officials describe President Bush as "incensed", "really steamed", over Sharon's outburst likening Israel to Czechoslovakia in 1938, and warning him not to "appease the Arabs".Having perpetrated his great act of international banditry, the rape of Kuwait, Saddam announced he would withdraw from it as soon as Israel withdrew from the occupied territories.

The Foreign Office today advised all Britons in Kuwait except diplomatic staff to the leave the country as soon as possible.The dependants of diplomats in Kuwait and Israel have already left those countries, leaving only core staff behind, a spokesman said.

Tony Blair is set to visit Kuwait tomorrow as the first stop in a week of shuttle diplomacy, Downing Street confirmed today.Confirmation of the trip from No 10 followed reports on the state-owned Kuwait News Agency that the prime minister is to meet Kuwait's emir, Sheikh Jaber al-Ahmed al-Sabah, and Sheikh Sabah al-Ahmed al-Sabah, who serves as both deputy prime minister and foreign minister, as part of his two-day visit.