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More foreign companies were in Beijing’s crosshairs Friday after including regions like Tibet and Taiwan in a list of independent countries on their websites Jan.ET More foreign companies came into Beijing’s crosshairs Friday for including regions such as Tibet and Taiwan in a list of independent countries on their websites, a day after authorities ordered hotel giant Marriott International Inc.

28, 2017 5:30 a.ET Two of the newest Federal Reserve officials will step into the spotlight in 2018 when they assume voting seats for the first time on the central bank’s interest-rate-setting committee, weighing how to keep a buoyant economy on an even keel in the new year.

There will be no legal pot party in Los Angeles on Jan.The city won't begin accepting applications to sell legal recreational pot until Jan.

Powers takes aim at state-subsidized companies and local-content rules, without explicitly naming Beijing Dec.12, 2017 6:46 p.

More from Bloomberg.The Saudi-led bloc has demanded that Qatar shut down Al Jazeera television, refrain from backing Islamist groups and scale back relations with Tehran.

The group plans to push principles to reduce methane emissions from natural gas production, transportation and consumption Updated Nov.22, 2017 3:40 p.

One month after hitting dealer lots, an Automotive News reporter who bought a C-Max Hybrid wrote a piece called, "So where's the 47 mph on my C-Max?The automaker lowered the EPA rating for the C-Max Hybrid twice, and the C-Max Energi once.

But in our class I've a group of 15 (10b and 5g) classmates who are very friendly with each other and stay together all the time having fun and talking a lot.I've always wanted to join them and have fun but I screwed in the beginning as I said.

Organizers hold march to give voice to those who don’t want to split from Spain Oct.29, 2017 12:24 p.

Understanding JD's growth strategyJD competes against Alibaba's Tmall, its B2C equivalent of Amazon, and not Taobao, its customer-to-customer (C2C) equivalent of eBay.Much of JD's growth comes at the expense of smaller competitors like Vipshop and Suning.

Meituan-Dianping, a Chinese lifestyle-services internet platform, raised $4 billion from an investor group led by social-media giant Tencent Holdings Ltd., a deal that pinned a $30 billion valuation on the Beijing-based upstart.

Fuelled by a cheeky desire to "thrill you like crazy and get under your clothes", De La Guarda is pure adrenaline converted into a magical dance circus where a cloak of chaos belies the sophisticated level of control.And joy is the key to De La Guarda.

News posted late last week on the Star Wars official site reveals that as the Episode II script nears completion, George Lucas has enlisted the aid of screenwriter Jonathan Hales.Hales and Lucas have had a previous association through The Young Indiana Jones Chronicles: Hales wrote or co-wrote several episodes of the critically-acclaimed television series, including the feature-length Young Indiana Jones and the Curse of the Jackal, Young Indiana Jones and the Scandal of 1920, and Young Indiana Jones: Tales of Innocence.

The home-based service will be available to anyone subscribing to the new BT internet broadband portal.Michael Comish, head of AtomFilms Europe, said "the internet has cast potential as an entertainment medium.

The film community is still very difficult to break into,' says Oliver Montgomery, an actor himself and one of the site's founders.He estimates that there are just under one million people in Britain looking for work in and around the acting industry.

As an added incentive, films that a team of judges from Lucasfilm choose to be shown will receive royalty payments.Mich Chau, executive vice-president of Lucasfilm, believes that Star Wars fans will jump at the chance to produce their own shorts.

Boy George is understood to have been signed up by Kiss FM to replace the outgoing DJ duo Bobby and Steve.The former Culture Club frontman, who has been a club DJ for some years, is expected to take over on the Kiss FM decks after the pair depart their slot at the beginning of March.

(Do you think we could persuade Judith Chalmers to visit Papua New Guinea?As the happily-named Dr Stanley said "It was fairly common for missionaries to be kitted out with a wife.

The Pub Landlord's essentials haven't changed since his origins in Harry Hill's Edinburgh show Pub Internationale, which brought the first Perrier nomination in 1994.The Pub Landlord's endearing bigotry is engineered to exactly this kind of comedy, which was the most obvious weakness in translating the character to television.