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15, 2018 8:15 a.ET Expectations that South African President Jacob Zuma would be forced out have already made the country’s currency a strong performer this year against the dollar.

Senior ANC members say they want the scandal-plagued president to leave so the party has time before next year’s elections to restore its image Updated Feb.m.

21, 2018 3:31 p.m.

The artist’s new show ‘Linescape’ opens October 2 at Acquavella Gallery in New York Oct.ET Jacob El Hanani’s studio is immaculate.

It is the first time the 13 paintings by the renowned Spanish master have traveled to the U.S.

For the real enthusiasts the game is played all year round, making use of advanced production lists and details of stars' schedules.The keenest players tend to be programmers of other festivals and film sales agents trying to come up with a slate of hot titles that will benefit from Cannes' unrivalled media spotlight.

I arrived in Cannes too late for the press screening, but everyone without exception assured me that it was an unmitigated disaster.David Stratton, the kindly critic of Variety, wrote that 'wit, style and emotional involvement are notable by their absence'.

This is Jacob's drum how he beats on it how he fights on it how he splits every crack of the house how he booms how he slams hair wet-feathered sweat gathering red-face Jacob throwing his money down all on the drum his one number beating repeating O Jacob don't let go of it don't let anyone take your drum don't let anyone of all of them who want you to be drumless beating your song on nothing Jacob they'd do it believe them it's time they say to put your drum away do you remember the glow-worm Jacob?how we looked and nearly touched it but you didn't want to hurt it?

You hold it like a lit bulb, a pound of light, and swivel the stunned glow around the fat glass sides: it's the sun, all flesh and no bones but for the floating knuckle of honeycomb attesting to the nature of the struggle.From The Brink Picador £7.

What do I sell but I'm giving away?What'll it cost?

after Baudelaire When - like a lid on the mind where trouble brews -the low sky weighs down, but leaves a chinkbetween earth and cloud to pour a day throughthat's darker than night; when the world's a clinkwith slimy walls, where Hope squeaks and flutters -a bat among the mouldering rafters, its wings torn and body full of dust;when the rain's enforced, so rods of waterbar the way, restrict the view and keep useach to our own sad cell in the Big House;and tribes of spiders have spun their websin our brains, and our thoughts hatch from their eggs - then the bells swing, suddenly furious,and howl at the sky like homeless spirits,and a slow cavalcade of long hearses drives in silence through my soul, and Anguishstands with his boot on the back of my neckand sticks his black flag in my head.· From Little Gods by Jacob Polley, published by Picador.

The line-up: Jacob Golden (vocals, guitar, various instruments).The background: Jacob Golden is the latest recipient of the OC golden touch.

It was by Jacob Holdt, a slightly eccentric figure who spent five years hitchhiking through America in the early 1970s.Living cheek-to-jowl among America's underbelly, he witnessed casual crime, prostitution, racism and drug abuse at first hand.