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The death of an imprisoned Canadian-Iranian environmental activist in Tehran has led to growing criticism over Iran’s treatment of detainees, including concerns about torture in confinement, during a recent crackdown on antiregime dissent.Kavous Seyed Emami, who was 63, died under mysterious circumstances last week in Tehran’s Evin Prison, where he was taken after being arrested on Jan.

Homegrown artists are fueling a dynamic market for contemporary work Updated Feb.ET ON A FRIDAY NIGHT in Tehran’s flashy Elahieh neighborhood, the voice of the muezzin calling the Muslim faithful to prayer is nowhere to be heard, but the ostentatious whine of a Ferrari often is.

Morad Tahbaz one of at least nine environmental activists detained last month in Iran, his family and activists said Feb.12, 2018 6:43 p.

The Israeli military on Saturday said it struck 12 targets in Syria, including four belonging to Iran, in a “large-scale attack” after an Iranian drone penetrated its airspace.com: Israel Hits Back at Iran and Syria as Border Region Boils“Israel’s face is turned toward peace, but we will continue to defend ourselves with determination against any attack on us and against any Iranian attempt to base itself in Syria or anywhere else,” Netanyahu said.

The White House secretly reached out to Iran in December to propose creating a direct channel to negotiate the release of prisoners held by each side, according to U.S.

NEW YORK—An Iranian court has sentenced a wealthy Iranian-American art gallery owner and his wife to long prison terms on espionage and other charges, according to a letter he wrote from jail.Karan Vafadari, a 55-year-old landowner and member of the Zoroastrian religious minority, was given a sentence of 27 years in prison, 124 lashes and a cash fine of $243,000 and confiscation of all his assets, according to the letter, which was published Tuesday on the website of the Center for Human Rights in Iran, a New York-based human-rights.

ET WARSAW—American, British, French and German officials met this week to begin formal discussions on addressing U.concerns about the Iran nuclear deal, Secretary of State Rex Tillerson said Saturday.

Tehran halts dangerous encounters in Persian Gulf amid tensions over nuclear deal Updated Jan.25, 2018 6:26 p.

Move came amid antigovernment protests; some fear future investment impact Jan.25, 2018 5:30 a.

22, 2018 5:25 p.ET PARIS—The U.

S.Air Force Weighs International Squadrons to Strike Terror Targets Asia U.

The Trump administration wants to be engaged in Syria as the threat from Iran rises and Islamic State recedes, the Secretary of State said Updated Jan.—The U.

The president is expected to couple his decision with new sanctions not technically related to the deal, including some aimed at human rights abuses Updated Jan.m.

The call to protest came through a group channel on the smartphone app Telegram.Younes, a 42-year-old accountant at a saffron-importing company, like most of the group’s thousand or so members, had lost his savings when a financial firm promising huge returns went bankrupt amid bad investments and corruption.

Saudi Arabia and Turkey reacted very differently to the recent protests against Iran’s Shiite regime Jan.11, 2018 5:30 a.

Supreme Leader takes conciliatory tone: ‘Voices should be attended, heard and responded to’ Jan.9, 2018 10:18 a.

In comments to Iran’s cabinet on Monday, he attempted to ascribe the anger to a broader disenchantment.“Some believe that people only want money,” Rouhani said.