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While Americans have been promised a future of electric cars that can drive themselves, dealer showrooms are going back in time, as auto makers launch a slate of roomy off-roaders with nostalgia-inducing names.Ford’s Bronco, the bulky SUV, is returning to the market in 2020, ending a nearly quarter-century hiatus.

That’s The Point.Your Health The Search for a New Method of Birth Control, This Time for Men Batman Shows His Softer Side ‘Items: Is Fashion Modern?

“It’s a personal canvas,” says CEO Alexandre Arnault Oct.m.

Built between 1509 and 1511, the Mary Rose was the toast of the Tudor fleet and one of the first warships to be able to fire a broadside.Even at a time when searching for sunken wrecks has become a trophy hunter's growth industry, the Mary Rose stands proud.

It's a whimsical reproach - if anything that weighs 300 tonnes can be described as whimsy - to those in the self-styled sensible corner of the argument, lead by Graham Morrison, partner in Allies and Morrison architects.He described Will Alsop's so-called Fourth Grace in Liverpool as elephantine and unworthy, and questioned the architectural quality of Frank Gehry's Guggenheim Museum in Bilbao.

A recently discovered screen test confirms that the legendary Method actor auditioned for the picture a full eight years before it was shot with James Dean in the leading role.The five-minute screen test is included as an extra on the DVD of Brando's A Streetcar Named Desire, which is released by Warners on May 5.

Original artwork used by the Beatles on their Rubber Soul album goes up for auction on Wednesday having lain forgotten for 42 years in its artist's attic.Charles Front was a little-known art director in London when he was approached by Bob Freeman, the Beatles' photographer, to create artwork for a new sleeve.

It was only a matter of time before the Wooster Group turned its high-tech high jinks on Shakespeare.After all, if the homage of imitation were the point, the Wooster Group would not have chosen the Burton-Gielgud experiment in "Theatrofilm".

While there are great roads all over the world, nowhere else does driving around in an automobile evoke the essence of a place more wholeheartedly than it does in the USA.Rent a car in Dallas, 500 miles to the west, and just drive.

Just after 4am on Friday morning, when the last bleary-eyed reveller has been ushered down its steps, the Astoria on London's Charing Cross Road will close its doors for the last time.In its 30 years as a rock venue, the Astoria has hosted gigs by the likes of the Rolling Stones, Prince and U2 and been the venue for innumerable mosh pits, first snogs and clubbers' epiphanies.

Might the Oyster card swipe the world-famous London Underground map off the walls of tube stations for ever?And although there's no official Oyster map as yet, the current Overground-Underground maps give some clue: it's messy.

And yet the story of Audrey Hepburn's early life really does have a legendary, movie-like quality.This was always Hepburn's world – she was the daughter of a baroness, darn it!

This is a film, featuring "never-before-seen family photography", produced by David Gest for David Gest Productions, starring David Gest.Not to put too fine point on it, he says, Michael loved women.

Malcolm Browne's 1963 photograph of a monk on fire in Saigon retains its power even after half a century.But the dreadful act of self-immolation seemed a new kind of protest then.

This weekend the ICA will be showing new prints of some of Andy Warhol's most famous films – Sleep, Vinyl and Chelsea Girls.I say that, but I have never actually seen Chelsea Girls.

Our first and main motivation was to keep it visually simple but powerful by iconising the most outstanding buildings in the world.We began by making a list of "the unquestionables", architects who laid the foundations of modern architecture: Le Corbusier, Mies Van der Rohe, Oscar Niemeyer, Louis Kahn, Philip Johnson, Frank Lloyd Wright.

But now the musician is letting one lucky bidder take the iconic hat off his hands – or rather head.In a partnership with eBay, Williams is putting the unique headgear worn at the 2014 Grammys up for auction.

Sixty years ago, on 15 September, 1954, Marilyn Monroe stood on a subway grate in New York City wearing a little white dress and fought an upward breeze.Facebook Twitter Pinterest Marilyn Monroe poses over the updraft of a New York subway grating while in character for the filming of The Seven Year Itch in Manhattan.

The 65-year-old’s latest remarks came as part of an interview with Kansas City Live TV (via Gigwise).“From 1958 until 1988 … [you can] name hundreds and hundreds of classic rock acts,” Simmons said.