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Hollis JohnsonMcDonald's new $1, $2, $3 menu isn't living up to the hype.McDonald's has been promoting its new dollar menu replacement — the $1, $2, $3 menu — like crazy, and so far, it doesn't appear to be working out.

(NYSE: BABA) co-founder and executive chairman Jack Ma first introduced the term "New Retail" in a letter to shareholders in late 2016.While this was only 6% of overall revenue, the "other revenue" category increased by an incredible 525% year over year.

Source: Magic Leap.The portal is coming early in 2018, according to the company's website.

The signs are that British audiences are no longer suckers for Hollywood bigshots who fancy adding a classy London theatre to their CVs.In what has become known as the Battle of the Dicks, Fiennes lost out to Sam West, whose performance at Fiennes's old stamping ground, the Royal Shakespeare Company in Stratford-upon-Avon, is generally considered the finer.

And does that poorly-received Chicago test screening last spring spell trouble for Harry's box-office prospects?Considering Half-Blood Prince is arguably the best book in the series, he's got plenty of great source material to play with.

Last year, Brooklyn rapper Desiigner crashed into the spotlight with Panda, a catchy trap track that likens a white BMW X6 to the endangered mammal.The song and Desiigner have received the ire of the #FutureHive and raised eyebrows from even casual observers.

La La Land equals record for most Oscar nominations Read more This time last year, execs were hoping the following films would be in the conversation, but instead La La Land, Moonlight and Arrival have dominated.The Founder Facebook Twitter Pinterest Photograph: Daniel McFadden/Associated Press In contrast with the other films on this list, there’s actually plenty to enjoy in this bitter tale of business and burgers.

It seems you can't get on a train without seeing someone checking their email or surfing the web.However, away from those hotspots, web access is predicted to be decidedly slow.

Usain Bolt finally got his party started at the Olympics on Saturday.”He did just that in a first-round heat in Rio de Janeiro that was typically entertaining, given the low-pressure semi-sprint that it was.

Kevin and I cohost a Gilmore Girls podcast called Gilmore Guys, where we discuss each episode, sometimes for up to three hours at a time.Kevin told me to check our show’s Twitter, and there it was:­ “Gilmore Girls limited-series revival set at Netflix” – news that carries the heft of “sorry about your grandma”, but with way less bereavement.

One of many interesting comments that came out of my "Don't believe the hype" blog was the view that GTA: Vice City was more enjoyable then San Andreas.VC had the perfect setting, more focussed action and, let's face it, better music.

Before that I was at an internet company that went from being an ISP to a portal, an e-commerce website, an ASP and eventually an incubator of start-ups, raising £10m on the stock market before going bust.For a start anyone asking such a question doesn't understand the nature of blogging.

The “internet of things” (IoT) is the most over-hyped technology in development today, according to tech analysts Gartner.Ironically, with so many entities each working on their own interests, we expect the lack of standards to remain a problem over the next three to five years.

co/FAZE01lleA May 12, 2016 Instead, the plans were picked up by two companies using Hyperloop in their names: Hyperloop Transportation Technologies (HTT), and Hyperloop One (formerly, confusingly, Hyperloop Technologies).By contrast, Hyperloop One is positively dull.

A row has broken out between Britain and the United Nations after Home Secretary David Blunkett was accused along with his EU counterparts of exaggerating the scale of the asylum crisis.The UN High Commissioner for Refugees said the number of refugees entering Europe had fallen by almost 50 per cent over the past decade and that the political debate could cause serious problems for people fleeing persecution.

It has been quite a while since British troops have been involved in a ground offensive on the scale of Operation Moshtarak in Helmand province.About 15,000 Afghan, US and British troops are involved, plus increased civilian backup.

Across the Middle East, the country is celebrated for plenty of other raved-about cultural contributions – cinema, literature, music – but food champions?As regional food disputes go, this one about Egyptian food isn't remotely on par with the Great Hummus Wars.