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Results for Tag "hype"

There was surely only one story worth talking about this week - the possible loss of Neighbours from BBC1.Two British blogs that can be relied on to cater to all your Eurovision needs this time of year are Troubled Diva and World of Chig.

If you have to have it explained to you then you're outside the magic circle.Radio One has been thrashing LDN is a Victim, which isn't surprising.

But is white-hot press coverage and blazing auction house sales blinding critics and collectors to much of Chinese contemporary art's questionable quality, hype and inevitable burnout?Visiting Shanghai and the Yunnan in late 2005, I was overwhelmed by China's sharp and pervasive social contrasts.

The 60th Venice festival, the only major film festival with two fully fledged competitions judged by separate international juries, ended with two surprises.The second was to give its Premio San Marco for the second competition to the second film of an Iraqi Kurd.

According to reports the Academy's 6,000 voters - who number actors, producers and directors - have been issued with an eight-page booklet urging them not to hype nominees.It emerged the piece had been written by a publicist who interviewed Wise, much to the annoyance of his fellow Academy members who said it would influence the vote.

Anticipation surrounding the third and final instalment of Peter Jackson's The Lord of the Rings trilogy, Return of the King, this winter is already building up.That will then be followed by the unleashing of The Return of the King in cinemas around the world in mid-December.

From Inspector Clouseau through to Slap Her, She's French, Tinseltown's creative talent has always been at its best when wrestling with the French cockerel.Many see French Kiss as the apotheosis of Hollywood's Gallic analysis.

Then came the New Neurotic Realists who faded from the memory as fast as the hype around their show.Having said that, Nesbitt and Watkins, who chose 23 artists "that represent the moment", divine a new spirit stirring in the backrooms, warehouses and draughty studios across the country.

It is better, he believes, to meet a work of art as a stranger than as an acquaintance.But, in a time of hype, subscription lists and competition in the press to be first with previews or interviews, it's hard to be as empty-headed as Hare would like.

And then there was a lament attached to us about a lack of "populist" books submitted.Unlike popular or genre novels, literary novels cannot be prescribed by pub lishers.

Three months after doling out the 2001 Academy Awards, Hollywood is still aglow with the self-satisfaction of giving two of its biggest honours, best actor and actress, to black performers Denzel Washington and Halle Berry.And it was Berry, a relative novice, who garnered most buzz with her tough-love movie, Monster's Ball.

It is all hype, he says, and masterminded by 'cultural tsars' like Nicholas Serota and Charles Saatchi.If 'concept artists' can't draw, Tracey Emin can't even think.

You can listen to it here, but don't worry, those cheesy Danish guys aren't the only ones offering Star Wars-related music.We've got links to clips from the official first single from the Phantom Menace album, Duel of the Fates.